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Long Term Osteosarcoma Survivor Boone is Thriving on Three Legs

Canine bone cancer doesn’t always play by the rules. Boone is a perfect example. As a long term osteosarcoma survivor, this ten year old pup continues to beat the odds and live life on his terms.

long term osteosarcoma survivor Boone
Ten year old Boone was diagnosed at age four.

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When bone cancer doesn’t play by the rules.

If you don’t know Boone’s story, you need to. Because it proves that osteosarcoma statistics don’t apply to every single dog who gets diagnosed.

We first caught up with this remarkable dog cancer survivor in 2016. One look at this active hunting dog and you would never know Boone was already beating the osteosarcoma odds by four years.

Today, he’s a “senior” dog but as you can see in the video, there’s nothing geriatric about him. Boone’s dad, Dan, tells more:

What’s the Key to His Long Term Osteosarcoma Survival Success?

Statistically-speaking, Boone should not be here. His parents, Dan and Cindy, opted out of chemotherapy when he was diagnosed. Instead, they chose to do everything in their power to help Boone beat the bone cancer odds.

Fist, they allowed Boone to enjoy his favorite activity, bird hunting. They also fed him a healthy diet, and consulted with an integrative veterinarian. And at the vet’s suggestion, added medicinal mushrooms to his nutrition plan. Their treatment of choice? K9 Medicinals Immune Support.

k9 medicinals immune support
Boone’s osteosarcoma treatment: medicinal mushrooms.
  • NO sugar, starch or blood-glucose elevators.
  • Contains #1 Clinically Studied Antioxidant & Probiotic
  • Epicor® – whole food fermentate
  • Made to human standards in approved & inspected FDA facility
  • Yummy beef flavor. Dogs love the taste.
  • 100% Made and sourced in the USA
  • Medicinal Mushrooms Certified Organic. Eco-responsibly harvested.

As Boone’s dad Dan said in our most recent Boone update, “We’ve been very happy with it. I don’t know if I can directly attribute it to Boone’s success, but I would never not want to use the product.”

Canine bone cancer survivor Boone Thompson
Medicinal mushrooms have been his therapy since day one.

Boone is still going strong. He’s even more active than many four-legged dogs at his age. Once again, he proves that just because a dog is diagnosed with a terminal illness, it doesn’t mean that he can’t become a long term osteosarcoma survivor.

Hoppy Ampuversary Boone! May your days be filled with many, many more adventures.

Hunting dog Tripawd Boone
Keep on hoppin’ Boone!

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4 thoughts on “Long Term Osteosarcoma Survivor Boone is Thriving on Three Legs”

  1. I have a 2+ year osteo survivor. I didn’t feed him anything special. Vets are saying must have been a misdiagnosis even though they sent the whole leg to the lab. Anyway, if you can’t afford special medicinals and Therapies don’t give up.

  2. Best wishes for your pup Anthony! Please follow the links in this post above to learn more about Boone.

    Every dog is different. Post in the forums for the best feedback and support from others, or feel free to call the toll-free Tripawds Helpline anytime. Start here for help finding the many Tripawds resources.

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