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Grain Free Feeding Survey Results Revealed

The grain-free feeding survey results are in! The answers may surprise you as much as they did for us.

When we asked if Tripawds members are still feeding grain-free food despite the potential link between grain-free dog foods and Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM), we were not sure what to expect.

Grain-Free Feeding Survey Surprised Us: How About You?

When the grain-free foods and Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) scare happened last year, we thought that most people would go back to old-school grain-based dog and cat foods. How wrong we were!

Here are the Tripawds Nutrition survey results. At 36 replies to date, it’s a small sampling but still telling.

Tripawds Dogs and Cats are still mostly eating grain-free.

It’s close, but more dogs are still eating grain-free pet food.

When it comes to Tripawd cats, more are eating food with grains in the recipe.

Grain-free cat food feeding survey
As suspected, dogs are still in the majority at Tripawds.

Tripawds pet parents are super educated about pet health!

Pet parents DCM knowledge
Most Tripawds pet parents are aware of the grain-free food and possible DCM connection.

The biggest surprise: even after the DCM and grain-free pet food controversy made headlines, and even after talking with their veterinarians, most pet parents still opt to feed a grain-free dog food diet.

Are Tripawds parents still feeding grain-free?

number of pet parents buying grain-based food
The DCM scare has caused an uptick in grain-based pet food.

And finally, even after having a heart-to-heart pet nutrition conversation with their veterinarian, most Tripawds pet parents are willing to take the chance on a grain-free dog food diet.

grain-free DCM vet support
Educated pet parents are making their own choices.

The result: Tripawds pet parents are taking matters into their own hands.

grain free pet food happy Wyatt
Wyatt is still hoppy to eat grain-free

Let’s be real: we aren’t scientists or statisticians. Not even close. But our interpretation of the grain free feeding survey results tells us something quite revealing:

  • Since most Tripawds pet parents know about the grain-free pet foods controversy, that tells us that our community’s members are among the most educated of all kind. Whether a dog, cat or other animal is the center of a Tripawds’ member’s universe, we all take an active interest in what our pets are eating.
  • And despite knowing that there is a potential link between grain-free pet food diets and DCM, and although most of us have had a good conversation with our vets about controversial grain-free pet foods, we are still opting to take matters into our own hands.

We can only assume that the majority of pet parents who feed a grain-free pet food diet have seen the benefits of eliminating grains from our Tripawds’ food bowls.

And it’s Tripawds pet parents, among many thousands of others, who are willing to take a chance and go against the grain of the veterinary community (pun intended!).

In case you’re wondering, we still feed Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray a grain-free kibble. His skin and coat look so much better when we stay away from grains.

Unless there is a gigantic recall of grain-free pet foods, we honestly don’t see ourselves changing anything about his diet.

When it comes to your pet, do you feel the same way? Comment below to share your personal experience feeding the grain-free pet food way!

3 thoughts on “Grain Free Feeding Survey Results Revealed”

  1. For several years now, have been feeding grain free. Since the potential link between DCM and grain free food became public, still mostly gravitate towards grain free, but not quite as much of a “purest” as I was before.

  2. Likewise for us Sally. We are open to considering other non grain-free foods, but haven’t quite made that backwards leap yet since Wyatt does so well on what he’s been eating.

    Thanks for sharing!


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