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Three Legged Hunting Dog Cancer Hero Boone Thrives with Mushroom Therapy

Imagine if every Tripawd could be like Boone, a three legged hunting dog cancer survivor for over six years? Wow! Although that kind of longevity may or may not be possible for every canine who gets bone cancer, we think they all deserve the best mushroom therapy possible. Don’t you agree?

Canine osteosarcoma survivor medicinal mushroom therapy
His story is incredible!

Today on episode #82 of Tripawd Talk Radio you’ll hear about Boone’s remarkable survival story made possible through fitness, love and K9 Medicinals® Immune Support.

Head’s up: We love sharing information about proven pet supplements helpful to the Tripawds community. We are being compensated to get the word out about K9 Medicinals’ outstanding products. Neither they nor the Thompson family are responsible for the content of this article.

How Mushroom Therapy Helps Boone Thrive as a Three Legged Hunting Dog Cancer Hero

When our pets are coping with cancer, every choice we make for them is personal. With no right or wrong paths to take, we hope for the best. Boone’s parents, Dan and Cindy Thompson of Reno, Nevada, know the feeling.

Boone was diagnosed with osteosarcoma over six years ago. His parents, Dan and Cindy, investigated all treatments but ultimately opted out of chemotherapy.

Boone has always enjoyed doing what he loves most.

Instead, they chose K9 Medicinals® mushroom therapy. They had no idea that six years later, this proven pet cancer supplement would be the cornerstone of their dog’s survival story.

Tune in below for a chat with Boone’s dad, Dan. You’ll hear how he attributes Boone’s survival rate to things like regular hunting trips, fresh mountain air and the powerful combination of medicinal mushrooms in USA-made K9 Medicinals® Immune Support.

We are also happy to welcome the founder of K9 Medicinals, Dorla Salling. She talks about why beating pet cancer is close to her heart. And you’ll also learn how her USA-made supplements can help dogs with and without cancer live their best lives.

three legged hunting dog cancer hero
Learn how Boone beat osteosarcoma.

Learn More About Boone and K9 Medicinals

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6 thoughts on “Three Legged Hunting Dog Cancer Hero Boone Thrives with Mushroom Therapy”

  1. I realize this is an older story, so I might not get a respunse. Waiting for final diagnosis right now on my 11 year old Pudel Pointer. Wonderful story, and wondered why kind of dog Boone is, and what leg was amputated. Hoping for the best news, but am doing my research now so it will help with decisions later. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for the reply and we’ll wishes. I will check the podcast out, and post on the forum with follow-up questions.


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