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The Scoop on Entyce, a Dog Appetite Stimulant

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a pet who won’t eat despite your best efforts. Sometimes the reasons for a pet’s “inappetence” are complicated, and that’s when a prescription medication can help. If you’re in that tough situation with your own Tripawd, keep reading to get the latest scoop on Entyce®, a dog and cat appetite stimulant you can discuss with your veterinarian.

Note: since this post was originally published in April 2019, Entyce is no longer being used off-label in cats. 

Get Your Pet Eating with Entyce, the Latest in Dog and Cat Appetite Stimulants

Dog and Cat Appetite Stimulant

When it comes to a lack of appetite in pets, getting to the root of the problem can be tough. “Inappetence” usually presents in one of three ways. Pinpointing the way in which your pet is affected is an important step to help your vet reach a diagnosis. The three states of pet inappetence look like this:

  • Anorexia: When your pet won’t eat at all.
  • Hyporexia: When your pet eats less than usual.
  • Dysrexi: When your pet’s typical eating habit changes. This often happens to Tripawds during amputation recovery. The dog or cat won’t eat their typical pet food, but they dive right into the home cooked meatballs for dogs or tuna loaf for cats.

Loss of appetite can happen for many reasons, with amputation recovery pain being one of the biggest in our community. The bitter taste of medications like Tramadol is another common reason why pets refuse food.

Things get super tricky when a pet isn’t recovering and just refuses to eat. Getting to a diagnosis can take even more time. Since pets, especially cats, don’t have the luxury of not eating regular meals, taking immediate action is critical.

As soon as you notice your pet isn’t eating, let your vet know. Meanwhile, be sure to try the best appetite boost tips for new Tripawd dogs and cats, like:

You can also ask your vet about Entyce®, one of the newest prescription dog and cat appetite stimulants that can help get food into your pet.

Entyce® by Aratana

Dog and Cat Appetite Stimulant

The newest pet appetite stimulant on the market, Entyce by Aratana Therapeutics was recently approved by the FDA, but just for use in dogs (for the time being). This oral solution is also known as “Capromorelin.” In plain English, it works by turning on the brain’s hunger center and stimulating appetite. In scientific lingo, here’s how it works, according to Aratana:

ENTYCE® (capromorelin oral solution) is a ghrelin receptor agonist that mimics the effect of ghrelin (the “hunger hormone”). Like naturally occurring ghrelin, ENTYCE binds to specific cell receptors and affects signaling in the hypothalamus, causing the feeling of hunger.

Some Tripawds members talking about Entyce for dogs are reporting great results.

The doc gave us Entyce to stimulate appetite and it worked instantly! Dottie ate a big lunch and is really resting well right now. I’m watching her as we get further and further away from her last dose of pain meds. — Dottie dog’s mom.

We’ve heard that some feline veterinarians are prescribing Entyce for “off-label” use in cats until the feline FDA studies are complete. Unfortunately, the feedback on Entyce and cats hasn’t been too impressive, even in our own community:

The first about hour after getting it he also kept gagging occasionally but never actually got sick. He did however get up multiple times for water, progress right? — Hiroaki kitty’s mom

More Things to know about Entyce for Dogs

Visit the Aratana website for details and in the meantime, here are the most important things to know about Entyce:

  • This is a supportive measure, not a cure for inappetence.
  • The anti-nausea Cerenia (Maropitant), can be used at the same time.
  • Entyce isn’t ideal for pets with liver or kidney disease, but your vet may approve a lower dose
  • It shouldn’t be taken if a dog is using anti-fungals like itraconazole, ketoconazole, and fluconazole.

It’s so nice to see veterinary animal pharmaceutical companies investing in drugs that can help our pets feel better. Thanks Aratana!

If you give Entyce a try, let us know how it works for your cat or dog.

41 thoughts on “The Scoop on Entyce, a Dog Appetite Stimulant”

    • Hi Becky, thanks for reading. Since the time of publication, April 2019, it seems that Entyce is no longer being used off-label for cats. We will edit the post and title accordingly.

  1. How does this medication work for dogs with diabetes, I have one that has had it for 3 years and meals are always a challenge>

  2. Please help me!!!! My dog won’t take anything but water. Can I mix this medication with water? Please it’s been 6 days since he has eaten.

    • Sherylyn I’m sorry your dog is struggling. Please discuss this with your veterinarian TODAY so that your pup can get started eating. All our best to you both.

  3. Can Entice be taken with a treat …… I can’t get the syringe in her mouth and tried soaking it in a dog biscuit. The dog biscuit worked! The instructions say to administer orally, but didn’t indicate that it need to be taken on an empty stomach. Thanks in advance for all your help.

  4. Why was it removed from being used off-label for cats? My vet gave it to me, and I am afraid to give it to my cat now! Please, do you know why?

  5. I wish I’d googled Entyce two weeks ago. My vet prescribed it for my 15 yr old cat who had a kidney stone two weeks ago and had pretty much stopped eating. We were leaving town for a week and my expert cat sitter sister-in-law was staying in our house and left with having to administer two pills and Entyce. Entyce was a disaster. it must taste horrible because my cat kept foaming at the mouth and trying to bring it back up. She had taken antibiotics and stool softener before and although she fights the syringe, once the med is in, the fighting ends. Not so with Entyce. It broke the bond between my cat and my sister-in-law; she no longer trusts her. I’m going to call my vet to let her know. She’s new at my clinic and young-ish.

  6. My dogwas given Enyce in the hospital yesterday. He has IBD. He ate a lot last night when he got home and ate a full breakfast/ Should we give him another dose today even though he’s eating or can we assume the one dose yesterday was sufficient?

    • Jane it sounds like the medication did what it’s supposed to do (yay!), but to be extra safe I would ask your vet about whether or not to give the rest. Glad he’s feeling better.

  7. Should have proof read before hitting Send. Obviously it’s Entyce and the issue is that he was extremely hungry all last evening. I don’t want him to overdo it tonight if we give him another dose, but don’t want to lose what has been effective. Thanks.

  8. I just had to give my dog this because of the amount of medication that he’s on has surpressed his appetite.

    Does anyone know how long it takes for this to start working once administered?

  9. Hello. My dog is under a lot of medications. Antiflamatory mess , antibiotics and anti diarrheal which made her dicrease her apetite. I gave her entyce today prescribed by her vet at 11:30am. By 1:30 she ate some of her prescribed food and fell asleep. Is 5pm and she is still very out of it. Should I be concern ? Is she going to be hungry later ????

  10. When will Entice be available in the UK? Am desperate to get some for my dog, he isn’t eating much and we have tried everything prescribed from our vet, ave tried to get it online but its only available in the US?????
    Please help

  11. Our dog was not eating and the vet gave him entyce last Saturday. That kept his appetite up until Wednesday, when it disappeared again. The 2nd dose of entyce lasted just over a day and we gave a 3rd dose last night. He perked right up again and ate within two hours of the last dose. This is a miracle drug when you are trying to get your fur baby to eat! Thank you!

  12. I just gave my dog this medication prescribed by my Vet, as he refuses to eat. He ate a bit and then had diarrhea. He had been on Tylan to treat the latter condition so I am going to start giving him that also. I have never had a dog with so many digestive issues resulting in huge Vet expenses.
    Is there another appetite medicine that is better or any other ways to solve his issues?

    • Aimee, sorry to hear about your pup. If you are not getting to the root of the issue that is causing your dog’s GI issues, definitely seek out other opinions. You may also want to try working with an integrative veterinarian, which blends different types of therapies to treat the root cause not just the symptoms. Hope your pup starts feeling better soon.

  13. My pup has anorexia and was percribed mirtazapine but it’s not working. Is entyce available in the uk? I’m desperate for help for her

    • Leeanne, I believe it is, do check with your vet and if they don’t have it, find another who can help your dog feel better. Best wishes to you both.


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