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Joint Support for Tripawd Cats and Dogs That’s Backed by Evidence

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month and there’s no better time to focus on joint care for Tripawd cats and dogs. Luckily, this is getting easier all the time thanks to an evidence-based joint health pet supplement that even the most skeptical vets agree has solid evidence backing it up: green-lipped mussels.

Joint Support for Tripawd Cats and Dogs Straight from the Sea

Joint Support for Tripawd Cats and Dogs
Studies back green-lipped mussels for joint support.

From head to tail, the compromised gait of a three-legged dog or cat means every part of the body is picking up the slack for their missing limb. Over time this can lead to advanced osteoarthritis no matter their fitness level, weight or age. Being a Tripawd takes a toll but there are many things we can do about it, like incorporating a supplement that comes from right from the sea: green-lipped mussels.

Known by the scientific name of Perna canaliculus, green-lipped mussels (GLMs) are found in the cold waters off the coast of New Zealand. For more than a decade, scientists have been researching the anti-inflammatory effects of this shellfish, which contain a substance that inhibits inflammation that causes osteoarthritis pain.

Many veterinarians give approval to green-lipped mussel joint support for pets, because of the number of GLM studies published in peer-reviewed journals such as:

The Journal of Evidence-Based Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): “Improvement of Arthritic Signs in Dogs Fed Green-Lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus)”

It is possible that the nutrients present in whole freeze-dried GLM powder may act synergistically to reduce inflammation and pain, to limit further cartilage degeneration and, potentially, to support the regeneration of damaged joint cartilage and synovial fluid.

The Oxford Academic Journal of Nutrition: Evaluating Complementary Therapies for Canine Osteoarthritis Part I: Green-lipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus)

For dogs that can not use NSAIDs or corticosteroids and for patients who need analgesic support over extended periods of time, oral GLM may be an acceptable alternative for treating chronic arthritis pain, although it does not alleviate pain as well as carprofen.

According to pain management expert Dr. Mike Petty, author of “Dr. Petty’s Pain Relief for Dogs,” green-lipped mussels can offer excellent joint support and pain relief. “I rate the evidence for green-lipped mussles as strong,” he writes.

The internet is full of green-lipped mussel joint support for cats and dogs, so it’s important to find a reputable manufacturer if you want to make sure your money is well-spent and your pet enjoys the benefits. The most well-reviewed products we currently know about include:

Antinol®, by Merial (available by prescription)

Super Snouts Joint Powder 100 % Green Lipped Mussel

K9 Natural Freeze Dried Green-Lipped Mussel Treats

green-lipped mussels treats

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Have you tried green-lipped mussels for your Tripawd’s joint health? If so, we want to hear about it! Comment below and let us know if you think it made a difference.

7 thoughts on “Joint Support for Tripawd Cats and Dogs That’s Backed by Evidence”

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have to admit, my head is spinning trying to find THE best supplement for joint support, repairing and preventing any damage, arthritis pain, etc
    A regular Vet may suggest one product, the Rehab Vet another, and customer reviews another. Ugh!

    These certainly sound like well researched products, so gonna go check them out.
    Thanks again for always bringing bus such valuable information on products!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. You are so welcome Sally! What I like about the GLMs is that many vets who we totally respect have backed this supplement up as an effective way to treat the pain of osteoarthritis, including Dr. Petty and Dr. Brian Beale of Animal ER. I think we are going to give this a try for Wyatt, but I want to ask CSU what they think of it just to be sure it’s right for him. Will keep you posted after we see them next week.

  3. COSEQUIN DS ( double strength)
    Joint supplement Maximum Strength Plus MSM
    For dogs of all size.
    We have used these as our vet recommended them since we adopted Alfie from 6months old minus his front right leg. Our vet told us this is the best and very expensive from him, but to look on line.
    We buy ours from Amazon when sends to our son and daughter, who then bring them to us in Cyprus where we have lived just over a year.
    Hope this helps and Alfie is fabulous on them. He is now nearly 5years old but doesn’t speak Greek yet!!!


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