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Best of Tripawds Treats!

Everybody loves treats! Especially this time of year. Many pet parents enjoy baking too, and they all want their dogs and cats to eat healthy. Right!?

Hoppy Holidays!

We’ve scoured the Tripawds Nutrition Blog  to remind readers of some the best homemade treat recipes we’ve shared here over the years. Take a moment to review some of these posts with fun and easy treat recipes we’ve found, and others submitted by Tripawds community members.

NOTE: Please consult your veterinarian or veterinary nutritionist before altering any pet cancer diet. Always feed treats in moderation and pay attention to healthy pet weight management.


homemade dog treats
Homemade dog treats make great gifts!

Homemade Dog and Cat Treat Recipes

Healthy Dog Treat Recipes for Stuffed Toys

Homemade Anti-Cancer Dog and Cat Treats Make Great Gifts

Easy Grain-Free Salmon Treats Recipe for Tripawd Cats and Dogs

Easy Fish and Meatballs Recipes for Cats and Dogs

Bone Cookie CuttersMake fun dog treat gifts with
bone shaped cookie cutters!


More Healthy Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

How to Make Paw Lickin’ Good, Home Made Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Healthy Treat Recipe for Cancer Dogs

Treat Recipes for a Tripawds Holiday

Toast Tripawds with Doggnog – Egg Nog Safe For Dogs!

Toast Tripawds with Homeade Doggnog

Frozen Treats for Hot Dogs and Cool Cats

The Oaktown Pack Dog Treat Recipe

Green Brownie Bars Natural Dog Treats Recipe

Dog and Cat Cookie Cutters

Save on Dog and Cat Treat cookie cutter bundle.


Jasper’s Jazzy Healthy Dog Cake Recipe

Spirit Tika’s Omega-3 Salmon Treat Recipe

Make Your Own Peanut Butter Treat Crunchies

Make Your Own Pill Pocket Dog Treats


pumpkin for pets
Fresh pumpkin is good for pets!


Too many treats?

Try these healthy remedies for treating diarrhea in cats and dogs!

Runny Poo? Try Eating Clay.

Natural Ways to Get Fast Cat and Dog Diarrhea Help

Pumpkin Pulp Treats for Cat and Dog Weight Loss, Digestion and More!

Treat for Wyatt
Wyatt wants more of Codie Rae’s Crunchy Health Treats!

Got a favorite homemade dog or cat treat? Leave a comment below, post it in the Tripawds Eating Healthy discussion forum, or submit your recipe and we may share it here with readers.

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