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Be Your Dog’s Hero with #FreeMe Joint Supplement

September 12th, 2016 · 6 Comments · Supplements

One day your puppy is a ball of crazy, unstoppable energy. And the next, he’s sporting a gray muzzle with the dignified look of a wise old pack leader. Not even a super hero can stop a dog’s aging process, but one thing we can do is protect and heal our dog’s joints. We’re playing super hero to Wyatt Ray, by starting him on Free Me, a premium dog joint supplement by TruDog™.

Tripawd workout

This post is sponsored by TruDog®. We are being compensated to create awareness about TruDog’s products, but we only discuss products we’ve tried ourselves and feel you may be interested in knowing more about. TruDog® is not responsible for the content of this article.

Wyatt Ray is getting older and yep – a little mellower! Some days he prefers catching sunbeams instead of a wave, on others he’s ready for more action. He gets a daily a mix of healthy and safe exercise to keep him limber and injury free. But now that he’s almost eight, his needs are more challenging. Just like humans, his joints have to feel good enough so he wants to exercise. That’s why a premium dog joint supplement like Free Me makes all the difference.

Because his joints are strong, he wants to do this:

Tripawd workout

Free Me is a once-daily, liver flavored joint supplement for dogs that promotes:

  • Reduced Discomfort
  • Less Inflammation
  • Better Range Of Motion
  • Increased Joint Cushioning

Why Other Dog Joint Supplements Don’t Compare

dog joint supplement

Free Me has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Free Me works because it contains a breakthrough joint support formula called BiovaPlex. This all-natural egg shell membrane extract is clinically tested to keep joints flexible and stable. It’s rich in elastin, collagens and glycosaminoglycans such as chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. Thia Made in America supplement also promotes healthier skin and coat too.

Free Me also stands out from other dog joint supplements because it contains:

  • AstraGin®
    As a potent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, AstraGin works by blocking different chemicals that cause pain. Manage the pain and you can reduce the inflammatory compounds found behind many chronic diseases like osteoarthritis.
  • Astaxanthin®
    This key ingredient what allows Free Me to be easily absorbed by the body. It allows crucial amino acids, glucose and vitamins to penetrate the body’s blood cells.
  • Proprietary HA.
    As a major part of joint (synovial) fluid, HA (Hyaluronic Acid) promotes joint lubrication. Its secondary role is keeping inflammation in check. Commonly given to horses and people as a medical injection, HA protects tissues by slowing down the damage created by free radicals when inflammation is present.

What you won’t find in Free Me:

NO Chinese-made ingredients. Everything is produced here in the USA.
NO Shellfish, Sugar, Wheat, Corn or Soy.

But, you will find a product that’s so good, TruDog backs it up!

dog joint supplement

Another thing we appreciate about Free Me is that it comes in a beef liver flavored powder.

Tripawd dog joint supplement

Liver-flavored powder is just like a treat!

Sprinkle it on your dog’s food and they think it’s a treat. Because Free Me is water soluble it’s easily absorbed too. Wyatt’s had no problems transitioning over and probably doesn’t even realize it’s the reason he’s so spry these days! Over the coming months we’ll report back on how he’s doing. Till then, we encourage you to be your Tripawd’s hero and give it a try.

Tripawd dog joint supplement

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Best Of Weight Loss Tips for Tripawd Cats and Dogs

August 22nd, 2016 · No Comments · Diet

Did you know that almost 60 percent of cats and dogs in the United States are overweight? Most of us don’t even know that our dogs and cats need to lose weight. For a three-legged animal, obesity is a major problem that greatly impacts quality of life. Overweight Tripawds are far more prone to mobility issues, joint stress and more.

Tripawd, three-legged, dog, weight loss, obesity, food, diet, tips

Wyatt and Travis beg for dinner.

The good news is, we have more resources than ever to determine if our pets need to drop the pounds. And it’s ENTIRELY in our hands to help them do it! Our dogs and cats cannot do it alone.

What’s even better is our vets are ready to help! Start by making pet wellness checks a regular part of your dog or cat’s annual health care. At the wellness check, ask your vet if your dog or cat needs to lose weight. If so, your vet will have many resources to help you get started.

And, you also have this list of our best (so far) “Weight Loss Tips for Tripawd Cats and Dogs” to guide you too.

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Do you have a Tripawd weight loss story you’d like to share? Contact us today, we’d love to spread the word and celebrate your success!




Natural Remedies for Amputation Recovery

July 28th, 2016 · No Comments · Medication, Supplements

Is there a brand new Tripawd in your home? Then you’ll want to read every word of this excellent guest post about natural remedies for amputation recovery. It’s written by Gina Snow, a licensed veterinary technician with over 20 years of natural pet health experience. She’s a dear friend of the Tripawds community and author of Doggie Decihper, a blog devoted to natural health for dogs and cats.

Giina Snow, RVT natural pet health

Gina Snow with best buddy Cue.

Excellent! Your companion has made it safely through the surgical amputation but, what is needed from here to provide the most comfort and a speedier recovery?

One of the safest natural methods I recommend is homeopathy. Homeopathy is an energy medicine that works with the body’s own healing abilities and it can be used with any medication as it has no contraindications. For more detail about homeopathy, read this article from the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy.

One of the first problems you may see is slow recovery from the anesthesia.

Obviously, the IV fluids that are given help “push” out the drug(s) but is there something natural and safe you can do to? Yes, the homeopathic form of Phosphorus will help speed a slow anesthetic recovery or that dopey demeanor.

A 30C or 200C potency is what you will find at your local health food store and either can be used. This remedy is used 1-4 times per day until the animal is less “drugged” feeling. It is rarely needed more than 24-48 hours.

tripawd, natural, pain, relief, post-amputation, recovery

Wyatt is dopey after surgery.

Is your pet anxious and restless?

Some vets prescribe the tranquilizer ACE which can make many pets worse and some breeds of dogs cannot take this drug at all.

The drug ACE reduces their locomotion and does nothing for the pain or anxiety, only their movement, in my experience.

Pacing, shifting, panting and wandering are often signs of pain which leads to anxiety, not vice versa, so treating the pain is often what curbs the anxiety.

The homeopathic remedy Aconite (NOT the herb) is fantastic for anxiety, especially if there is a lot of shivering, shaking, pacing or even hiding. It can help with the anxiety whether is is from pain, drug reactions or post op confusion.

200C potency is often needed for this intense symptom and can eliminate the shivering within minutes after giving it!

What if your pet is vomiting, has diarrhea or is angry or grumpy after amputation?

Well, Nux vomica, another homeopathic remedy, can help with those types of symptoms. Again, 30C or 200C is best, given 1-4 times per day until the bowel issues and/or grumpy attitude have passed.

At the same time your pet is feeling “green” (nauseated), they are most likely experiencing some pain and discomfort, even despite the conventional pain medication they were prescribed.

Here are some common choices for post op pain relief:

Tripawd amputation recovery

Tripawd Eider after amputation surgery.

Homeopathic Arnica is very helpful for pain, swelling and bruising. It is also helpful for those that avoid touch of any kind, post op. Homeopathic Hypericum is a fantastic nerve pain reliever and many nerves are involved with amputations. It may be given long term if the animal seems to be experiencing phantom pain symptoms.

Homeopathic Belladonna (NOT the herb) is a great pain reliever if there is much swelling and perhaps the patient wants to bite at the slightest touch. The Belladonna patient is often in so much pain that even their pupils are dilated and large. If the pain seems to be at the actual incision itself, homeopathic Staphysagria is the remedy of choice.

For any post op bleeding, Ferr phos 6x cell salt (a type of low potency homeopathic remedy) can be very helpful. This cell salt also helps to build the body back up and recover faster after surgery. Cell salts are given 2-4 times per day.

If any post op infection occurs, the homeopathic remedy Hepar sulph is the top choice.

Often these animals are in pain due to the secondary infection. The Hepar sulph can be combined with the cell salt Silicea 6X to help rid the body of the infection even faster.

All of these remedy suggestions should be chosen on individual symptoms. It is best to give the fewest remedies possible to achieve the desired effects although it is safe to combine remedies if multiple symptoms are present.

Since amputation is an acute condition, you should see improvement in symptoms very quickly, sometimes within minutes of giving the correct remedy. Again, if no improvement after 4 doses, reevaluate the pets symptoms and consider another choice.

It is best to give the remedies as infrequently as needed but frequently enough to provide relief. Animals may need the pain reliever remedies long term, if they are proving helpful.

Stop any remedy if it is not helping symptoms or new symptoms occur. It is always advisable that you seek the consultation of a veterinarian homeopathy, if possible.

I hope these few important remedies provide relief for many!

In health,
Gina Snow LVT

Many thanks to Gina for another great article. Be sure to follow her blog and check out all of the posts she’s written for our community.

Please be aware that we are not veterinarians. The information presented here is not meant to be construed as medical advice or guidance, nor should it be substituted for professional veterinary assistance. Always discuss any remedies and treatments you wish to pursue with your veterinarian.




Cosequin Joint Support for Dogs: Vet Approved, Tripawd Tested

June 16th, 2016 · No Comments · Supplements

Other German Shepherd parents tell us that some day, Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt “Wild Boy” Ray will slow down. But that’s hard to believe, because at seven years old he’s still crazy as ever, especially when he’s romping in the great outdoors.

tripawd, dog, joint support, cosequin, arthritis, supplement, glucosamine

Yet despite his current fitness level, we’re not in denial: age and time are hot on his tracks. Lately we’ve been thinking about putting him on a daily joint supplement so when Nutramax Laboratories launched their new Cosequin ASU Active Lifestyle chewable and Cosequin Omega-3 Supplement, we jumped at the chance to test a free temporary supply  from the company.

Four weeks later, the old saying “Be careful what you ask for” has come back to bite us:  our wacky Spokesdawg is more energetic than ever! Here’s why:

What’s Cosequin and Why is it so Great?

Anyone who’s ever asked their vet about pet health supplements knows: vets are skeptical about everything. Yet there’s one joint health supplement that veterinarians will recommend: Cosequin.

tripawd, dog, joint support, cosequin, arthritis, supplement, glucosamine

Why do vets recommend Cosequin? Because Cosquin is the only glucosamine/ chondroitin sulfate supplement with a long list of studies backing it. Cosequin is proven to be safe, effective, and bioavailable in peer-reviewed, published, controlled, U.S. veterinary studies. Each study shows that whether you give it to a dog, cat or horse, Cosequin lives up to its claims – something that other joint health supplement for pets cannot do.

The Cosequin FAQs page explains how it works but in short:

“Cosequin contains TRH122®* chondroitin sulfate, FCHG49®* glucosamine and manganese ascorbate. The exclusive combination . . . works together to maintain the structure of your dog’s joint cartilage while slowing the enzymes that break down cartilage.

Glucosamine hydrochloride acts as a building block of cartilage by supplying a key nutrient that keeps cartilage cells healthy and functioning properly. Chondroitin sulfate blocks the enzymes that break down cartilage. Manganese ascorbate is added to help optimize the production of cartilage components.”

Cosequin comes in different formulations depending on the dog, cat or horse’s specific needs.

tripawd, dog, joint support, cosequin, arthritis, supplement, glucosamine

Wyatt is on Cosequin ASU Active Lifestyle. This formula keeps dogs active thanks to:

  • Two patented combinations of avocado/soybean unsaponifiables with glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate to help deliver joint support.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), hyaluronic acid (HA), boswellia extract, and manganese – additional ingredients also known to help support joint health.
  • Biotin to help support foot and pad health and integrity, as well as a healthy coat.

Wyatt has also been getting Cosequin Omega-3 Supplement mixed into his breakfast. Every serving complements his Cosequin ASU Active Lifestyle with the omega-3 fatty acids “EPA” and “DHA.” These two powerhouse ingredients are responsible for:

  • Healthy Skin and Coat
  • Normal Heart Rhythm
  • Renal Function
  • Stable and Responsive Nervous System
  • Improved Trainability
  • Healthier Joint Tissues

We especially like that Wyatt only needs two teaspoons of Cosequin Omega-3 every day. One bottle goes a long way, even for an 80-pound German Shepherd!

How Do We Know  Cosequin Works?

Nutritional supplements aren’t an overnight cure-all. Holistic-minded veterinarians tell us that a minimum of four weeks are necessary to show any effects of a supplement (sometimes longer). That’s why we gave Cosequin Active Lifestyle ASU and Omega-3 Supplement a full six weeks before sharing our thoughts with you.

Cosequin Joint Health Supplements help Tripawd GSD Wyatt

Finally, here’s what we’ve experienced:

  • Wyatt suffered no GI effects from either supplement.
  • Despite his ongoing seasonal allergies, his fur remains shiny
  • Wyatt’s covered a lot of rough terrain over the last few weeks as we head north to Colorado for summer, yet his paw pads remain very resilient.
  • Best of all, Wyatt’s brain and body remain at a happy equilibrium. He can still complete his daily Tripawd workouts and have extra reserves for some fetching and swimming.
  • As you can see, Wyatt is more energetic than ever!

Based on what we’ve seen so far, Wyatt has responded very well to Cosequin joint health supplements. These two exceptional pet health supplements are the best additions we’ve made so far to keep him as wild and charming as the puppy we met seven years ago.

See if Cosequin ASU Active Lifestyle and Omega-3 Supplement can work for your Tripawd too!

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Holistic Vets Help Logan Survive, Thrive After Osteosarcoma

June 9th, 2016 · 3 Comments · Diet, Supplements

If your Tripawd is fighting osteosarcoma, it helps to take a “full spectrum approach” when thinking about how you want to treat it. Examine all treatment options from Western to Eastern medicine, then get holistic vet help to assist you in coming up with the right blend. That’s what Logan’s people did when he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma three years ago, and today at age 10, this boy is thriving! Here’s his story as told by his mom, Jeane Bock. We hope you find it useful.

Tripawds holistic vet help

Logan is unstoppable!

Logan Thrives with Holistic Vet Help

Logan is an Australian Shepard who has just turned 10 years old. We live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina now for 6 years, but Logan came from an Amish farm in Indiana. Both his parents were working farm dogs, so he comes from strong stock and maybe that has something to do with why he is surviving this osteosarcoma so well.

He was diagnosed 3 years ago after suffering a fracture to his right ankle. He had been limping on and off for a while, but this day he came home from running around outside with his paw lifted, and I knew right away it was broken. We went to the emergency vet hospital, he was x rayed and it was wrapped. 2 days later, when we returned for a follow up, we walked out in total shock having been told he would need to lose his leg and had 3-4 months to live.

Tripawd holistic vet help

Logan and Mom, Jeane

I cried and grieved for days. Then I went into research mode. I was ready to spend any amount of money and was headed towards traditional chemotherapy. Then a friend of mine jumped in and sent me tons of information about holistic treatments. More research including reading and chatting on Tripawds web site. And what a find that was. Amazing support from the tripawd community helped me get through the traumatic hellish 2 weeks following surgery and provided me with options to consider.

I decided to go the holistic route. It just made sense to me to boost the immune system and get at the source. I began working with two holistic vets long distance via phone consultations. Tripawds Jerry directed me to Dr. Charles Loops, a homeopathic vet here in Pittsboro, NC. He provides us with the homeopathic remedies.

The other vet, Dr. William Kruesi. in Clarendon Vermont, was my friend’s vet and has since retired. I then found Dr. Tina Aiken in Acramdale, NY who trained along with Dr. Kreusi years ago.

Dr. Loops did an oral consultation and assessment. Dr. Kreusi and then Dr. Aiken did the same plus a full blood screen analysis, which we continue to have drawn by our local vet and then sent to Dr. Aiken every 6 months.

Supplements that get added to his food are adjusted based on his blood work results. The first thing they had me do was change his diet. We moved from high end store bought kibbles to a diet of fresh whole foods, high protein and no carbohydrates which feeds the cancer.

We rotate his diet between chicken, beef, and cottage cheese. Each mixed with cooked pureed vegetables on a 3-1 ratio. Because fish is expensive but has the nutrients he needs we add canned sardines 2 times a week plus a teaspoon of wild sardine oil once a day.

Tripawd, three-legged, dog cancer, ostesoarcoma, holistic, vet, help

Logan says “Look out cancer!”

Also added to his food is Golden Paste made from turmeric, virgin organic coconut oil, and fresh ground pepper. The recipe for this can be found on Turmeric Users Group Facebook page. This may all sound cumbersome, but we have it down to a system. I have about 2 weeks of food prepared at a time and after that, it really doesn’t take too much longer then feeding the kibbles. He eats his chicken raw, but can’t stand raw ground beef, so that is cooked.

10 Minutes after eating he gets the homeopathic remedies. Cell salts are rubbed on his gums and at least 10 minutes after that he gets 2 ml of remedy twice a day alternating between Sulphur, Hecla lavea, and Carcinosin.

Every 4 months we have blood drawn for cancer screen called TK Canine Cancer Panel by VDI Lab Services in California (phone 805-577-6742) This is early detection for metastasis and measures Thymidine Kinase, type 1 (TK1), canine specific c-Reactive Protein (c-CRP) and Vitamin D levels. (Research indicates a link between Vitamin D and cancer).

So far so good and blood work indicates “therapeutic management is effective”. Because of adapting to missing that front leg, Logan uses his back muscles excessively and is out of alignment as his front leg has moved towards the middle (a true tripawd) so he receives monthly doggy massages by Tammy Ross Walker, an agility dog masseuse, and chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Lisa Busko.

In so many ways Logan is healthier then he has ever been!

Hope this is helpful to people. If anyone would like to talk about this further, feel free to email me.

Do you have a Tripawd nutrition success story you’d like to share? Let us know and we’ll be glad to share it here so others can benefit too.

Please note that we are not vets. The information presented here is not meant to be construed as medical advice or guidance, nor should it be substituted for veterinary assistance. Always discuss any remedies and treatments you wish to pursue with your veterinarian.