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Win All New NOW Pet Supplements! #NOWpetsSweeps

May 17th, 2016 · No Comments · Supplements

Tripawd dogs and cats can do just about anything a four-legged pet can do. But they need us to make sure they have the health, stamina and strength to do it safely. One way we can do that is by incorporating high quality, scientifically tested dietary supplements into their daily life, like the all new NOW® Pets supplements for cats and dogs.

NOW Pets supplements

NOW® Foods is kicking off their new line of dietary supplements for pets with a fun, easy giveaway so keep reading for details.

This post is sponsored by NOW®Pets and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network. We are being compensated to help create awareness about NOW Pet Supplements but Tripawds only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. NOW® is not responsible for the content of this article.

How Do You Know Pet Supplements Really Work?

What goes through your head when you choose a supplement? Do you pick the most affordable one and hope for the best? How do you measure the results?

Our pets can’t tell us that they feel stronger and healthier, but they sure can show us. For example, every day on our daily walk and exercise sessions, Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray says a lot about how he feels. This look on his face shows what quality supplements look like, such as NOW® Pets Omega-3 and Joint Health Support.

NOW Pets supplements

High quality supplements are critical for in his strength and stamina. We follow orthopedic veterinarians recommendations to incorporate a fish oil with EPA and DHA, because research has shown this combination can be beneficial for easing arthritic pain. For added support, experts also recommend a high quality Glucosamine with MSM, which are also part of Wyatt’s daily nutrition. Can you tell?

NOW Pets supplements

Wyatt works out in the park.

The new line of NOW® Pets supplements is in a class all by itself and backed with 45-years of experience. They’re made by NOW® Foods, a company known for developing proven, reputable supplements for humans. NOW is bringing their expertise and reputability to improve the health of our pets.

NOW® Pets Supplements: The Results Show

The same raw materials used in NOW® nutritional aids that you and I take are identical to the ones in NOW® Pets supplements. The company doesn’t scrimp just because these are for pets. According to the company, “Every one of our pet health formulas is subjected to the same rigorous FDA-GMP quality standards as our human supplements.”

NOW Pets supplements

But don’t take their word for it. The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) also stands behind NOW® Pets. The NASC is an organization that works with the FDA and responsible manufacturers like NOW® Foods to improve the quality of their products. Only companies that commit resources to enhancing and protecting the integrity of the animal health product industry are eligible for the NASC Quality Seal. NOW® Foods is one of them.

Formulated with the guidance of Dr. Barbara Royal, DVM, CVA, a renowned Midwestern veterinarian and pioneering expert in holistic animal care, NOW® Pets supplements  offer products made to address common pet health concerns like :

In the past we’ve given Jerry and Wyatt NOW® products for humans because these supplements are affordable and reliable. Now we can feel 110% confident that our pets are getting the right dosages and blends for their species — and at a great price!

Find more information and purchase at

Enter #NOWpetsSweeps! Win Supplements and Help Best Friends Animal Society!

NOW Pets supplementsGiveaways are cool but they’re even better when they help a great cause. From now until May 31, 2016 you can enter to win up to $350 in NOW Foods products. As a bonus, for every entry submitted, NOW Foods will donate $1 to Best Friends Animal Society! Up to $4,000 will be awarded to this pawesome rescue.

Four winners will be chosen so you have a good chance of winning! What are you waiting for?

To enter the Giveaway:

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of NOW® Pets Supplements. The opinions and text are all mine.


Immune Support from Medicinal Mushrooms Helps Boone Thrive

May 5th, 2016 · 1 Comment · Supplements

Leaping, turning and pronking through the high desert, it’s hard to believe that two years ago this champion bird dog was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.


Statistically speaking, Boone shouldn’t even be here – especially because he didn’t have chemotherapy. His longevity has stunned everyone around him, but his humans aren’t really surprised. In their hearts, they know that Boone is thriving because of his daily immune system support from medicinal mushrooms found in K9 Immunity Plus.

We love sharing information about proven holistic veterinary supplements, which is why we are sharing Boone’s story with you. We are being compensated for creating awareness around K9 Medicinals supplements but we only share information we feel is relevant to the Tripawds Community. K9 Medicinals is not responsible for the content of this article.

Boone the Bird Dog Didn’t Get the Memo

Four year old dogs aren’t supposed to get cancer, but the osteosarcoma cells invading Boone’s leg never got the news. In October 2013 when Cindy and Daniel Thompson got the bad news that Boone had osteosarcoma, vets were as stunned as they were. “We were pretty scared,” remembers Cindy.

One week prior, Boone was just hitting his stride flushing birds in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Agile and quicker than other hunters, “He leaps and bounds just like a deer,” says Cindy. Boone had everything going for him, which is what made his osteosarcoma diagnosis even more devastating. Daniel was so distraught from the news that he took time off from work to research different osteosarcoma treatment options.

immune system support from medicinal mushrooms

“The first thing you do in today’s world is you get up on the internet and look up ‘osteosarcoma.’” says Daniel. One search led to another with more odds stacking up against Boone. But then he stumbled upon which features studies about immune system support from medicinal mushrooms and how they can help dogs with cancer. Daniel had just found K9 Immunity Plus.

How Immune System Support from Medicinal Mushrooms Works

For many years, immune system support from medicinal mushrooms has helped dogs and humans stay strong when fighting cancer. Medicinal mushrooms are well-studied because of their anti-tumor, immune regulating beta-glucans compounds. When carefully combined, medicinal mushrooms can:

  • Strengthen and stimulate the immune system
  • Give the body more energy to fight disease
  • Help patients rebound from the effects of chemotherapy.

These powerful mushrooms include the ones you’re familiar with, like shitake, but also less common ones like coriolus, agaricus and cordyceps. All are carefully combined into K9 Immunity Plus™, a one-step chewable treat that boosts dogs’ immune systems.

K9 Immunity Plus coupon

Instead of a daily fist-full of pills, dogs on K9 Immunity Plus get a tasty wafer of support with:

  1. K9 Immunity™ — activates ALL 260 different classes of immune cells
  2. K9 Transfer Factor™ — maximizes recovery results by enhancing K9 Immunity’s effectiveness
  3. K9 Omega™ — powerful fish oil to inhibit tumor growth and supports overall health during cancer treatment

Boone Thrives as a 2-Year Osteosarcoma Survivor

With the information necessary to make an informed choice about Boone’s fate, Daniel and Cindy knew what they had to do. “It wasn’t a very hard decision for Danny and I, we said ‘Let’s take the leg,’ remembers Cindy. When it came to treatments she says that:

“Our vet didn’t lead us one way or another, but we chose not to go with chemo. After doing research about K9 Immunity, Boone’s been on that since day one, twice a day.”

Two years later, the dog sitting by Cindy and Daniel’s feet is all the proof they need to know that K9 Immunity Plus was the best decision for Boone. “Here we are. Two years later and he’s got a vibrant, full life, he’s an awesome hunter. He still retrieves, points. We attribute it to the immediate care that we did, we didn’t linger. The best route was to get rid of the limb, get rid of the cancer as fast as we can.” says Daniel.

With each passing month Boone skewed the depressing osteosarcoma survival statistics. Last October when he reached his two year ampuversary, his fan club was elated. Daniel and Cindy’s treatment choice worked better than anyone imagined.

immune system support from medicinal mushrooms

“I don’t know what pushed him through but I have the utmost faith that it was the path that we took,” says Daniel. Was it easier than chemo? Not necessarily, Daniel recalls. “It was difficult at first because he did not like the flavor (of K9 Immunity Plus).” But instead of giving up, Daniel and Cindy worked around Boone’s tastes. They approached Boone’s hesitation with understanding and patience. “We ended up putting them (the wafers) in butterballs. Then he would eat ’em. Now he eats them in any form.”

“Boone wanted to walk and play as soon as he got home (from surgery)” says Cindy. Proud of her osteosarcoma survivor, she adds “He can teach us humans a lot about losing a limb or going through a huge health event in your life. As soon as that next bird season came, Boone was swimming. He was going out and retrieving birds . . . anybody who sees him sees that he hikes, he hunts, he swims, he plays. She adds:

“We never let him miss a beat. We treat him as if he has four legs because that’s what he wants us to do. He wants to live like he did before.”

Watch this in-depth interview about Boone’s journey.

(Photos by Daniel and Cindy Thompson).

Learn about K9 Immunity Plus

Three Ways to Help Your Dog Fight Cancer K9 Immunity Coupon

NOTE: This information is not intended to replace professional veterinary advice. All cancer treatment therapies should first be approved by your veterinarian. Please share this medicinal mushrooms information with your vet and encourage them to contact K9 Medicinals with any questions they have.


Truman Tripawd Inspires TruDog Raw Food Nutrition for Dogs

April 28th, 2016 · No Comments · Diet

If your heart’s been broken by pet cancer, you understand the guilt that hits you like a ton of bricks. Fighting through tears we ask ourselves: Could pet food be the cause?

Tripawd Truman inspired TruDog Raw Food

raw food nutrition for dogs

Lori R. Taylor gets it. Her Great Dane Truman lost a leg to bone cancer in 2002. Scared and alone, she made the brave decision to amputate Truman’s leg to save his life. He did well on three, but sadly, seven months later the cancer got to be too much and her giant pup was released from his broken body. And that’s when Lori became determined to help others avoid the same fate.

raw food nutrition for dogs

We love sharing news about the best pet nutrition on store shelves. That’s why this post is sponsored by TruDog®. We are being compensated for helping to create awareness around TruDog’s exceptional raw food and supplements but we only share information we feel is relevant to you. TruDog is not responsible for the content of this article.

Truman’s Legacy: Better Nutrition for Dogs

“He changed my life and that’s why I vowed to make it my life’s work to reach out to as many people as I could possibly help,” says Lori in the video posted below. Her gut feeling told her that Truman’s commercial kibble diet may have played a role in his cancer.

“I really thought what I was feeding Truman was a great brand of dog food. Yet I realize now I had no idea what he was really eating. In the end I believe Truman paid the ultimate price for my lack of knowledge.”

Lori learned all she could about pet food ingredients – and how to make it better for all of her beloved animals. Like many of us she became convinced of the power of raw diets for animals. And like those of us who have tried homemade raw food nutrition for dogs, we quickly learn that it’s time consuming and consumes valuable freezer space.

Lucky for us: one day Lori discovered that raw meat could be freeze dried into pellets at a facility near her house. That’s when TruDog raw food nutrition for dogs was born.

raw food nutrition for dogs

Meet TruDog, Mother Nature’s Best Raw Food Nutrition for Dogs

  • 100% American sourced and produced meat
  • Freeze-dried mix of raw vital organs, muscle meat, blood and bone.
  • From farm to table in less than 72 hours.
  • No fillers, veggies or artificial preservatives
  • No rendered or “meal” products
  • Just add water!

Wyatt Ray goes wild over TruDog

raw food nutrition for dogs

The other day, Wyatt Ray was very excited to see what we put in his bowl. He might not be able to read the ingredients in TruDog, but he could taste the goodness coming from the food that TruDog sent to him. We had to snap these photos fast before he gobbled up his dinner.

Wyatt doesn’t know that his new meals hold a powerful tool that can alleviate his springtime allergies. Poor dog: he’s been scratching like crazy now that new grasses and tree leaves are in bloom. He’s on daily doses of Benadryl but even that’s not helping. Thankfully TruDog came to the rescue!

Raw food nutrition for dogs, without taking up your freezer space!

raw food nutrition for dogs

  • No fillers to maintain a healthy weight
  • Pure nutrition to boost your dog’s energy level
  • Alleviates itchy, flaky skin
  • Helps fur shine and reduces shedding too!

It’s so cool knowing exactly what’s in Wyatt’s bowl. We also love how easy it is to make his new raw food. The best part? Wyatt had no problems making the transition. He gobbled it up and the minimal result that came out the other end was bouncy and firm like it should be for a dog on a raw diet. We’re feeding him 100% raw with TruDog for the next few weeks. We’ll let you know it helps ease his allergies.

TruDog Food and Supplements are Irresistible!

raw food nutrition for dogs

Check out all of TruDog’s powerful raw food nutrition for dogs products, supplements and health aids. Holistic-made with the power of nature’s best nutrition for dogs.

Watch Tripawds social media channels for TruDog updates from Wyatt!

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Pet Dental Treats Approval Seal Shows Which Products Are Best

April 14th, 2016 · No Comments · treats

Did you know that all pet dental treats aren’t created alike? Like all pet products, some are better than others. A new pet dental treats approval seal from the Veterinary Oral Health Council tells us which pet dental treats make the grade.

Do your pet’s dental treats have this seal of approval?

pets dental treats approval seal

Look for this pets dental treats approval seal.

The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) is an organization that recognizes great pet dental treat products that deliver on their promise to remove plaque and calculus (tartar) in dogs and cats’ mouths.

According to our friend The Preventive Vet, “the VOHC is an organization within the American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC) — the organization that oversees and certifies the dental specialists within the veterinary field. The VOHC have created the standardized scientific protocols that companies must follow while conducting the plaque and/or tartar controlling studies on their products if they wish to obtain a “VOHC Seal of Approval” to substantiate their dental benefit claims.”


Compliance is voluntary but clearly the companies who participate are the ones that stand behind their products. The VOHC’s list of pet dental treat products that make the grade include:

Virbac CET® VeggieDent® Chews for Dogs

FELINE GREENIES Dental Treats for Cats Oven

Minties Dental Treats for All Dogs

Purina DentaLife Dental Cat Treats

The list of pet dental treats backed by the VOHC is quite short when compared to the number of treats on pet supply store shelves. We hope that as more of us vote for great products with our wallets, pet dental treat suppliers will notice and produce products that give our pets the cleanest, healthiest mouths possible.

Don’t Forget About Tooth Brushing

Great pet oral health isn’t just about daily dental treats. Remember, these treats have calories! Use care to ensure your Tripawd doesn’t gain weight from your efforts to clean his or her teeth. Try daily tooth brushing for a fat-free way to better oral health.

Commit to brushing your pet’s teeth at least every other night. Pet dental health vets tell us that anything less is considered ineffective and wasted effort. Remember: it only takes 60 seconds a day to reap the rewards of this healthy habit. For example, we’ve saved thousands of dollars because we brush Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray’s teeth every night. Every year at his annual physical exam since he was eight months old, vets have happily told us that he can go another year without a professional dental cleaning.

Here’s a fun article we wrote for the Guild of Shepherds and Collies, called “Give Your Dog Clean Teeth for Life in Sixty Seconds a Day.” See how we brush Wyatt Ray’s teeth — it’s a riot! As you can see, he’s pretty good at tolerating our daily routine.

Check out the Veterinary Oral Health Council’s list of Pet Dental Treats that have been awarded the VOHC Seal of Approval!


Merrick Goes Potato-Free for #BestDogEver: Enter to Win Classic Refreshed!!

March 15th, 2016 · 8 Comments · Diet

For many dogs, a grain-free, low-carb, high protein diet and home cooking is considered the gold standard. But some dogs’ sensitive bellies just can’t handle rich, high protein meals. And bulking up home cooked food by adding grains is defeating the purpose of going grain free. Yikes! The good news is that workarounds exist for your #BestDogEver. One of the best we’ve just discovered is Merrick’s new Classic “Refreshed” dry recipes.

Today you can enter to win Merrick Classic!

#BestDogEver Merrick Classic

Read on to learn why Merrick Classic Refreshed can help you feel confident about a giving your dog a high quality pre-made commercial diet, no matter what health situations you’re dealing with. You can even enter to win a bag to find out for yourself!

This post is sponsored by Merrick Pet Care and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network. I am being compensated for helping create awareness around the Merrick Classic Refresh, we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Merrick Pet Care is not responsible for the content of this article.

Why Merrick Classic?

Merrick’s new Classic Refreshed recipes caught our eye for two reasons.

  1. Our #BestDogEver, Wyatt Ray, has always done well on Merrick grain free recipes.
  2. Merrick has refreshed their Classic line by adding even better ingredients, like quinoa and chia.

#BestDogEver Merrick Classic

We became advocates for a grain-free dog diet when Tripawds Founder Jerry was fighting cancer. That’s when we learned that since cancer cells feeds on carbs and sugary starches, feeding grain-free could eliminate those cancer-friendly carbs from his diet.

Years later Tripawds Spokesdawg Wyatt Ray reaped the benefits of a grain-free diet even though he doesn’t have cancer. Unfortunately we just learned that while a grain-free food can technically give him the benefits of a high protein diet, it won’t necessarily keep cancer away because most grain-free food is made with potato starch, which has an astronomical glycemic load, according to Harvard Medical Review.

Most pet food manufacturers make grain-free kibble by adding potatoes as a binding agent to create the nuggets.

Merrick Classic Refreshed Has Quinoa, Not Potatoes

No Potatoes in Dog Food

Merrick’s standard recipe is now potato free. Every bowl has all the benefits of a high protein diet, without the drawbacks of potato starch.

Kudos to Merrick for Tossing Out the Potatoes!

No Potatoes in Dog Food

What’s So Great About Quinoa?

Instead of potatoes, Merrick Classic now has quinoa. This a superfood is packed with health benefits and has one of the lowest glycemic loads in existence. Even better: quinoa is not a grain, it’s technically a seed.

Whether human or canine, Mother Nature News says that consuming just one cup of this superfood is beneficial because it has:

  • A glycemic load (blood sugar spike) of only 18 out of 250
  • 20 percent of recommended daily fiber intake
  • All eight essential amino acids
  • Contains no gluten or wheat

Merrick Classic Refreshed Also Has Chia


All kidding aside, chia seeds are so beneficial no matter what your species. Chia is known for an abundance of healthy properties that according to the vet experts at include many:

  • Anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties (key to fighting off cancer cell replication)
  • Valuable amino acids, antioxidants, fiber, and flavonoids, along with nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and niacin.

Wyatt Puts Merrick Classic Refreshed to the Test

Wyatt has eaten Merrick on a regular basis for years. Why? Because Merrick foods are always made with premium ingredients.

  • #1 ingredient is real deboned meat
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • Made in Merrick’s own American kitchen with nothing from China.

Plus, the company has a huge heart and Merrick is always donating to great causes. It’s a win-win for everypawdy!

Merrick Classic is a Superfood!

#BestDogEver Merrick Classic

With low-glycemic binders and healthy fiber like green peas, Merrick Classic Refreshed is ideal choice for Wyatt. With his sensitive belly and predictable allergic reactions to cheap fillers and low-quality proteins, the Classic Refreshed line is a perfect way to rotate his food and add variety.

#BestDogEver Merrick Classic

Check out the ingredients for the Classic Real Lamb with Ancient Grains recipe Wyatt woofed down:

#BestDogEver Classic Lamb ingredients

Merrick Classic Refreshed is another winner from a great company. Give it a try and feel good your pup is getting a superior commercial kibble diet made with the best quality ingredients available.

Win Merrick Classic for Your #BestDogEver!

Think your #BestDogEver would like to try new & improved Merrick Classic recipes? Merrick is giving away 50 bags to 50 lucky dogs on their Facebook page – click here to sign up for a chance to win:

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Merrick. The opinions and text are all mine.