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Easy Immune System Boosters for Pets (and People!)

There’s never been a more important time to keep our own immune systems strong, and the same is true for our Tripawd dogs and cats. Get started with today’s easy immune system boosters for pets (and people too!).

A Strong Immune System Doesn’t Have to Start in a Bottle

Immunity Boosters for Pets
Help pets immune systems stay strong with these easy DIY tips.

The immune system in people works just the same as it does for pets. In the simplest terms the immune system exists to fight off intruders that threaten our bodies’ health. Keep it balanced and healthy and we have an edge over disease and sudden illness.

Lots of supplements exist to “boost” the immune system. But many vets say there’s a lack of evidence to prove that immune system supplements for pets actually work. In her excellent article “Can You Boost Your Pet’s Immune System? Maybe, Maybe Not“, veterinary oncologist Dr. Joanne Intile writes:

“…when we delve deeper into the design and organization of the adaptive immune system, we find it is so incredibly complicated and so difficult to understand that the first question we must consider is what part exactly are we trying to boost?

Are we trying to enhance the efficacy of B-lymphocytes as they produce immunoglobulins to attack pathogens? Are we working towards making T-lymphocytes work more efficiently to lyse foreign particles? Are we attempting to create more effective cytokines to stimulate immune reactions? Do we want to fight intracellular or extracellular pathogens?

These are just a handful of the multitude of cellular and chemical reactions comprising the adaptive immune system. I would venture it’s impossible to simultaneously target all of these reactions and components with simple herbs and vitamins.” — READ MORE

So, whether you’re thinking of your own body’s immune system or that of your pets, instead of saying “boost” the immune system, perhaps we just want to look at is as “strengthening” the immune system. Keep it in top shape with the following immune system strengtheners for pets (and people too), and we can all have an advantage when fighting off disease.

Four Easy Immune System Boosters Strengtheners for Pets (and People!)

Pet Immune Support Tips
Cats and dogs can stay healthy with our help.

Eat a Balanced Diet

We are what we eat, and a healthy immune system starts with good nutrition. When it comes to cats and dogs, commercial pet foods are designed to provide AAFCO-approved “complete and balanced” nutrition to cats and dogs, but how well they do it is the source of endless debate. We won’t go there today. Instead, just consider adding some easy, nutritious and pet safe plant-based foods to your pet’s daily intake, such as:

Apples, Bananas, Blueberries and Cantelope, Mangoes, Peaches, Pears and Pineapples.

Broccoli, Carrots, Celery, Peas, Red or Yellow Peppers and Green Beans.

Keep Your Tripawd Slim

Slim Tripawds are happier Tripawds and so are their immune systems. Keeping your three-legged dog or cat at an ideal body weight makes them less prone to inflammation in the body.

Chronic inflammation in pets (and people) assaults the immune system by provoking arthritis, potentially making it easier for cancer cells to proliferate and for sure makes mobility difficult.

Read our Tripawd weight loss tips for more information about helping your dog or cat stay slim.

Do the Right Kind of Exercise

A happy immune system happens when the body receives enough exercise to keep it strong. For Tripawds, that means striking a daily balance between safe exercise for three-legged dogs and cats, without over-stressing the body and causing injury. As a bonus, you get to spend quality time together while strengthening your pet’s immune system.

Our e-book, Loving Life on Three Legs, has lots of fitness tips for amputee dogs

Our book for Tripawd kitties, Cool Tips for Tripawd Cats, also has exercise ideas for felines.

And you can also check out all Tripawd exercise tips in our Tripawds Gear Blog.

Get Enough Sleep

Did you know that pets need just as much high quality sleep as we do? In The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, Dr. Demian Dressler emphasizes the importance of making sure your pet gets at least nine hours of sleep each night.

“Our dogs generally sleep when we sleep. Making sure that your dog goes there early in the evening (perhaps by going to bed yourself), can boost his melatonin levels and give him an edge on cancer.”

As you can see, immune system boosters strengtheners for pets and people don’t need to cost a ton of money and don’t always come in a bottle. A stronger immune system and good health can start with little changes that add up to positive changes over time.

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