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Dr. Harvey’s Oracle is the Optimal Raw Food Diet for Pets

Hey everypawdy, I need to ask you something: have you ever tried feeding a raw food diet to your cat or dog?

Tripawds GSD Wyatt Waits for Oracle
I’m going to tell you how to feed a raw diet for pets.

Did you know? A big slab of meat isn’t all we need to be healthy. I know lots of you have tried a raw food diet for pets, but how many of you really know if you put good good nutrition in their bowl? My mom just read that vets are seeing a LOT of pet health problems caused by poor raw diets. Whoah!

This post is sponsored by Dr. Harvey’s. We are being compensated for helping spread the word about their awesome food, but Tripawds only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Dr. Harvey’s is not responsible for the content of this article.


Don’t mess around with DIY raw food. Premade raw food diets for pets always make sure we get good nutrition.  Here’s why I want you to try Dr. Harvey’s Oracle if you’re even thinking about trying raw feeding.

Oracle Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food
Feed Oracle for a balanced raw food diet for pets.

Everything You Need for a Healthy Raw Fed Pet

Oracle is Dr. Harvey’s grain-free raw food diet for dogs and cats. Dogs get a choice of dining on freeze-dried chicken or beef. Cats get those, plus a freeze-dried fish variety. I need to ask Dr. Harvey if I can try it because I love fish!

Talk to Dr. Harvey this Sunday (09/20/15) on Tripawd Talk Radio!
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Oracle gives optimum nutrition for dogs and cats at any age

  • Improves health within the first few weeks of use.
  • Contains 65-76% meat for dogs, 90% meat for cats.
  • Protein content is 30%-70% higher than other alternative foods.
  • USDA free-range antibiotic-free meat.
  • Everything is USA-produced. The food is made in Dr. Harvey’s New Jersey kitchen.
  • Proprietary herbal supplement promotes good digestion, health and longevity.
Oracle Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food
Oracle before adding water.

Oracle has freeze-dried protein, so the meats have all of the nutrition they started with. This is way different from the meat found in kibble! See, even if a bag of kibble has protein as a first ingredient, that protein was cooked with super heat which makes it lose most of the valuable nutrients it once had.

Oracle Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food
Add water to Oracle. It’s easy.

On the other paw, Oracle’s meats are as fresh and nutritious as anything you would buy at the grocery store. Look: you can even tell what’s in every bowl!

Dr Harvey's Oracle Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food
You can see real food in Oracle!

Now, remember we mentioned Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl a few weeks ago? That’s a home-cooked recipe where you add the meat and it’s not the same as Oracle so don’t get them confused OK? See, with Oracle you get a bag full of everything you need for a healthy, raw fed dog or cat.

Oracle Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food
Once it rehydrates it turns into a thick, chunky meal.

I like bones but they make me a little insane. It’s nice to know I can get the same good eats with Oracle. The chicken recipe was fantastic and my firm, bouncy poop sure said a lot about how well-made this food is.

The Easiest Grain-free, Raw Food Diet for Pets

Lazy humans, this is fact: you can’t beat the convenience of Oracle. About the only thing that might be a pain is waiting the 10-15 minutes after adding water for the food to rehydrate. Not that it’s a pain for you, since you obviously love your pets and want to feed only the best. It’s a pain for US because we have to wait in agony for our food!

Oracle Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food
Is it ready Ma?

About the only downside to Oracle is the size of bags it comes in. The largest bag is just 6 pounds, which doesn’t go quite that far for a hungry dawg like me. Still, it’s an awesome food to have on hand to mix up our raw diet menu. Or if you forgot to thaw out our meat: that’s no problem, Dr. Harvey’s Oracle to the rescue!

Wyatt Eats Dr Harvey's Oracle
Nom! Nom! Nom! Thank You Dr. Harvey’s!

Go get some now and SAVE 10%! Dr. Harvey’s Oracle is ready to buy through their website.

Dr Harvey's Coupon Code

Don’t wait – your Tripawd is hungry!

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Harvey’s Oracle is the Optimal Raw Food Diet for Pets”

  1. Great infor AND, as always, great pics and commentary by Wyatt!

    And yeah, as I was reading it, I was one of those thinking, “Didn’t we just see this a couple of weeks ago?” Good clarification!

    I REALLY do need to give this a try! I keep an ongoing list of some of these great products you bring to our attention so I can purchase them as funds permit.

    Thanks for ALWAYS keeping us so well informed!

  2. Sally the dogs will go crazy over it, guaranteed. If you have any questions about it or just healthy eating in general, feel free to call the radio show on Sunday and ask Dr. Harvey yourself!

    Thank you for reading 🙂


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