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How Yunnan Baiyao Stops Bleeding in Pets, People

Yunnan baiyao, also referred to as yunnan paiyao, is one Chinese herb that should be in every human and dog’s first aid kit to help stop bleeding.


We became aware of this inexpensive, powerful hemostatic powder from Tripawds members fighting hemangiosarcoma, an internal cancer that carries a risk of sudden, severe organ bleeding. Yunnan Baiyao has been used in China since about 1900. But this anti-bleeding herb only recently came into use in Western Countries when American soldiers discovered its powerful effects while fighting the Vietnam war.

Yunnan Baiyao Benefits

  • decreases / stops bleeding
  • safe for dogs and cats
  • painless to apply
  • inexpensive

Yunnan Baiyao supplements slow or stop bleeding through a combination of components that include “various yam roots, ox gall bladder, pseudoginseng, sweet geranium, and more,” according to Dr. Lena McCullough of A Path with Paws. Although not even workers in the factory where its made know what’s in the secret yunnan baiyao recipe, veterinary researchers believe its tiny red capsules are safe enough to be given every other day.

Be aware that like all Chinese medicinal products, Yunnan Baiyao carries a risk of being produced with inferior ingredients, uneven quality and unregulated production processes. Always ask your holistic veterinarian for the best buying sources.

Yunnan Baiyao Dosages and More Details

To read more about yunnan baiyao and animals, check out these detailed articles:

Yunnan Paiyao PDF report by Colorado State University’s Dr. Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, MS

Veterinary Place: Yunnan Baiyao For Dogs (includes dosage tips) Yunnan Baiyao Dosage for Dogs

The Dog Cancer Vet: Chinese Herb for Bleeding Dog Cancers

A Path with Paws: A magic vial of Yunnan Paiyao

Find more Yunnan Baiyao based supplements and user reviews on Amazon.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained here is intended as education/information only. It is not intended to replace the advice of your veterinarian. Please use your own good judgment and always discuss any DIY treatments for your pet with your veterinary team.

10 thoughts on “How Yunnan Baiyao Stops Bleeding in Pets, People”

  1. I recently lost my dog. I have a good supply of YB on hand, and I would like some other dog to benefit. I don’t want it to go to waste. I have 10 boxes of 16 pills plus the red pills in each. If you can recommend a type of illness that has a longer life expectancy and how I can connect with people dealing with it, I would be very grateful. Thank you.

    • Roberta I’m so sorry for your loss. That is so nice of you to offer the YB. Honestly I don’t know how to help as far as finding someone but did you know you can use it? It was originally used in humans and still is. Check with a holistic doctor but it’s a good thing to have in your first aid kit. Sending many condolences & hugs your way.

  2. So sorry to hear of your loss. Our dog was diagnosed with a hemangiosarcoma a few days ago. It was a sudden diagnosis and we are still in shock. I’ve spent all day reading about YB and would like to try it (maybe a box or two?) if you have any remaining. Please let me know and thanks so much!

  3. my 10lb shih tzu was diagnosised with a bleeding tumor 2/16. she has AIHA (anemia) and has episodes of collaspe. I am looking to buy some yunnan baiyao


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