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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

When we learned that Tripawd Hero Stas is almost at his 3 year ampuversary after a nerve sheath tumor required amputation of his front left limb in 2009, we asked his mom Christina what their secret weapon is for his longevity. Here is the thoughtful answer she gave us, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

“The Tripawds group has been a great support to us when our Stas was diagnosed with nerve sheath cancer in fall of 2010…yup , October 28, 2013 will be Stas’ three year-ampuversary. He had a low prognosis for long-term survival. He’s a bigger dude (being of Malinois, Shepherd and Rottie Mix) and was considered ‘elderly’ when the surgery was done. (As a rescue, no one knows his real age; the vets pegged him at between 8 to 10 at the time of his amputation.)


We feel and our vet agrees, that a critical key to his thriving survival is Chicken Dinner. I started using the recipe on Tripawds as soon as Stas was diagnosed. (Chicken, greens…spinach or kale, brown rice and carrots). He loves it! His whole day revolves around when he gets a ride to his dog park and when he gets Chicken Dinner.

We chose not to freeze it; but cook in large batches that last about four days in the fridge. (Stas’ little sister loves it too.) With a small amount of planning and a larger fridge; it’s no trouble at all. Just as the article says; it becomes routine.

Stas is also an avid helper in the kitchen. He KNOWS when it’s time to make the “CD”. He lays in the middle of the floor, watching me like a hawk to guarantee I don’t miss anything. (We also think he’s trying to hypnotize me into dropping chicken onto the floor for him…)


As he ages, we’ve begun adding some powdered medicinal mushrooms to his bowl of food. He likes it (good Polish dog that he is!) And it seems to add some pep to his step.

He’s an old dude now; regardless of how many legs he has. And we know he’s feeling stiff on some days. But we take great comfort that we’re on his schedule now. We love him to pieces and are grateful we have this ‘bonus’ time to spend with him. We’re preparing ourselves for his eventual death; but we’re better prepared now than we were 2 1/2 years ago.

And for that, we thank Chicken Dinner!

Christina Ward”

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DISCLAIMER: The information contained here is intended as education/information only. It is not intended to replace your veterinarian. Please use your own good judgment and always discuss any dietary changes for your pet with your veterinary team.

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3 thoughts on “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner”

  1. Isn’t it amazing how nutrition plays a big part of longevity in dogs who get cancer? I attribute Cadence’s two year survival to her supplements which also include mushroom and to her raw diet, which also includes “Chicken” like yours. She comes running at the sound of that word. I read that vets caution against using raw with a dog who is immunocompromised with cancer, but she has been thriving and is now two years going string since post diagnosis. We use Darwin’s Pet which comes to us on dry ice and prepackaged into portions, so we just thaw and serve.

  2. So true! Whenever we hear stories about dogs who’ve beaten the odds, I can almost guarantee that a whole foods diet was involved before I even know more about the dog’s story.

    Thank you for sharing Cadence’s experience with us Heather! We agree, raw foods rock.

  3. Congrtulatins Stas! Such an inspiration! Such a tale of hope!
    And such a handsome “young” senior!

    Only trioawd pawrents are “thrilled” to be dealing with just normal issues of an elderly dog!

    These kinds of posts are always so helpful, especially because they always lead to yet another informative link…and then another…and then another.

    Stas, you keep on digging and playing and waiting for your mom to drop chicken….-all these little treasured activities of yours seem to be workng in your favor beautifully:-)

    And Heather, thanks for sharing things that are working for sweet Cadence too! Keep on amazngus Cadence!

    Love to all

    Sally and Happy Hannah

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