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Life Gold Pet Cancer Support Supplement Boosts Immune Systems

In the Tripawds Eating Healthy Forum, Tripawds Kitty Jill recently told us about Pet Wellbeing Life Gold Cancer Support Supplement for dogs and cats with cancer. If you’re looking for an immune support supplement, here is some information you can share with your vet. Since this is an anti-oxidant supplement, please remember that it may negatively interact with chemotherapy treatments.

Always consult with your vet or oncologist prior to introducing
any new supplements into your dog or cat’s diet.

Life Gold Basics

Helps manage the symptoms of feline and canine cancer

  • Support for the immune system
  • Supports vital systems of detoxification
  • Helps to reduce oxidative stress
  • Scavenges free radicals
  • Supports antioxidant function
  • Promotes long-term health
  • Re-establishes the essence of a healthy, vibrant life
  • 90-day money back guarantee to improve the life of your dog or cat when fighting cancer.

1 bottle is a 3 month supply for most cats
1 bottle = 2oz (59ml) a 1 month supply for most dogs (up to 50lbs)

Tripawds member Baileyboo is a dedicated user:

“We have been using it for 2 years on our dog Bailey.  It has made an enormous difference.  One of the early signs of his cancer was that he was developing a staff infection on his skin that would only abate while using antibiotics, but the moment we took him off the antibiotics it would return.  We started the ES Clear/Life Gold and the infection was gone within a week and has never returned.”

What is Life Gold?

According to, manufacturers of Life Gold, this is a proprietary formula developed for dogs and cats when their quality of life has been compromised.

More immune system and anti-oxidant protection may be needed at this time. Animals with a suppressed immune system can be more at risk for the increased effects of oxidative damage. In the later stages of damage, there may be signs such as weight loss, lack of appetite, weakness, unexplained vomiting, abnormal growths or swellings, and many other symptoms depending on the area(s) affected. If you see any of these symptoms or anything else that concerns you, seek the advice of a veterinarian immediately.

Life Gold helps to ensure that the body’s vital systems of detoxification are working well. The liver, kidneys, bowel, lungs, and skin all work to remove the body’s waste products. The herbs in Life Gold also help to address the lymphatic system, a vital part of the immune system.


Life Gold for Large Dogs – Immune system support and antioxidant protection for canines with cancer

Life Gold For Cats – Immune system support and antioxidant protection for felines with cancer

What is Life Gold used for?

Life Gold provides support for antioxidant function in the body and may reduce free radical damage. It is safe to use long-term and effectively helps the body to excrete toxins normally through the channels of elimination. Simply put, free radicals are unstable molecules in the bodies of animals (including humans) that are seeking to stabilize themselves by “stealing” from other molecules. When they do this, they create new free radicals. If free radicals continue in this type of cascading reaction it can eventually cause damage to the cells. Antioxidant support neutralizes these free radicals by stabilizing them (Oxidative stress is the same as free radical damage).

Even if your pet is healthy, Life Gold can be used once or twice each year, to ensure that the body’s detoxification systems are working optimally and to help reduce oxidative stress. This provides a foundation for long-term health.

Please consult with your vet prior to introducing any new supplements into your dog or cat’s diet.

Why choose Life Gold for your cat or dog?

  • Certified organic and ethically wild-harvested: Our formulas are entirely prepared from organically grown and wild-harvested herbs.
  • Good Manufacturing Practices: All of our formulas are manufactured in a facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Full Sprectrum Extract: The full biochemical spectrum of the herbs is preserved to ensure the potency of the extract. All raw materials are tested for identification and purity.
  • Every batch tested: Every batch of our Life Gold is tested to ensure the highest quality and potency. Every single batch.
  • FDA-Registered Facility: Our manufacturing facility is FDA-registered. Strict quality control procedures are meticulously monitored.
  • FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine Guidelines: complies with the provisions of the CVM’s good guidance practices for pet dietary supplements. All ingredients and caution statements adhere to these national guidelines.
  • It’s Guaranteed: In addition to the superior quality of our products, you are also protected by our 90-day moneyback guarantee.


  • Chaga (Inonotus obliquus): Considered a type of mushroom that grows mainly on birch tress, this fungus is known for its naturally occurring antioxidant content. It contains plysaccharides that are used for maintaining a healthy immune system
  • Blessed Thistle herb (Cnicus benedictus): A long-used traditional plant, this restorative herb has been used for its detoxifying and cleansing properties, as well as for its antioxidant components and cell regeneration.
  • Burdock root (Arctium lappa): Burdock has been used for providing help to the liver (bile secretions), to support a healthy appetite, and for the maintenance of healthy cells in the presence of chemicals.
  • Red Clover flowering herb (Trifolium pretense): One of this flowers actions has traditionally been called “alterative”, meaning that it possesses a gentle action to “purify the blood of toxins”. It contains small amounts of important vitamins and minerals that provide easily absorbed nutritive value. It can also stimulate the appetite.
  • Sheep Sorrel herb (Rumex acetosella): High in Vitamin C and minerals, this herb has been widely used for lymphatic health, for health of the digestive tract, and as a detoxifier.
  • Slippery Elm (Ulmus fulva): High is mucilage, this slightly sweet tasting bark has been used for centuries in North America for soothing the digestive tract and absorbing toxins.It is highly nutritious with lots of antioxidants.
  • Turkey Rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum): Used effectively to normalize bowel movements, this plant (also known as Chinese Rhubarb) is not to be confused with the garden variety. It enhances this cleansing formula by gently helping the body to excrete accumulated material through the bowels

Total of 360mg per ml (20 drops / ml)
Herbs are *certified organic or **ethically wild-harvested

If you try Life Gold, please let us know what you think!

See How Life Gold Helps Bailey

Meanwhile, see for yourself how Life Gold has helped Bailey!

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3 thoughts on “Life Gold Pet Cancer Support Supplement Boosts Immune Systems”

  1. A healthy cat needs it only once or twice a year? I’ve been giving it every day. Do you mean one dose once or twice a year or once or twice a year for a week or other period? Not clear.

  2. I have my cat on this currently for fibrosarcoma, and am considering adding artemisinin into his regimen because his tumor is growing. Anyone have any experience with LifeGold PLUS artemisinin?


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