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Staying Slim Makes for Hoppy Tripawds

Did you know, one pound of fat on a dog equals five pounds of fat on a human?

Over half of all companion animals in America are overweight, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Pet obesity is a serious problem for our companion animals, but it’s an even bigger issue for Tripawds. If you are “lucky” enough to have some time before your dog’s amputation, time is of the essence when it comes to trimming off those excess pounds.


Purina Body Condition Chart (click for details)

Tripawds who are overweight will have problems getting around. They may not recover as quickly, because they can’t build up their strength due to excessive body weight.

Those extra pounds on a three legged dog means that he has to work harder getting around, versus the average four-legged canine.

Veterinarians we’ve spoken with recommend keeping your dog’s weight slightly under the ideal weight for his breed. The Purina Body Condition Scale  is a good way to assess his weight. There are also some great weight reduction programs for dogs available online.

Losing Weight Can Be Fun!

Finally, remember that although four-legged dogs can lose weight through food reduction and more exercise, with Tripawds, you’ll need to be little more cautious about the kind of exercise you do.

Since it’s not good for a Tripawd to overdo it with too-long walks and explosive activities like running at the dog park, getting creative with other fitness activities in order to burn off those calories is a must. Remember, walking only builds endurance, it doesn’t build strength.

Creative exercise, less food and healthy treats like green beans and carrots will go a long way toward keeping your Tripawd in the best shape pawsible!

3 Responses to “Staying Slim Makes for Hoppy Tripawds”

  1. GREAT article guys!!! THREE paws up! 😉

    I’ve always kept Maggie on the thin side and all the more important now!

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  2. Aww, thanks Tracy! And Maggie’s svelte figure definitely works in her favor. She looks fantastic!


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