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Tips to Help Your Tripawd Lose Weight

Did you know the best thing you can do for your Tripawd starts in the food bowl? That’s right. The number one thing you can do for your three-legged hero is to help your Tripawd lose weight.

Tripawd lose weight
Want to know the secret to a healthy Tripawd?

It doesn’t matter how many legs a dog our cat has left. Obesity is the greatest danger facing modern petsPet weight loss experts like Dr. Ernie Ward tell us that most overweight pets will probably suffer from expensive and painful medical conditions such as:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury
  • Many forms of cancer
  • and more!

If a dog or cat is overweight, statistics say that pet will die 2.5 years sooner than their non-obese pals.

It’s hard to admit that our pet could be overweight. But the sooner you can do that, the happier your dog or cat will be. If you suspect your amputee pet is overweight, follow the advice of veterinary experts:

Tips to Help Your Tripawd Lose Weight

Even one or two extra pounds can harm any pet, but especially a Tripawd. Three-legged pets give subtle clues that they’re overweight. These signs can include repeated face plants, leg buckling, stumbling and struggling to walk, months after the recovery phase is over.

Thankfully it’s much easier to help a pet lose weight than to drop the pounds on ourselves. Here’s how you can get started:

Ask your vet to rate your pet’s Body Condition Score.

Similar to the Body Mass Index scale in people, the Body Condition Scoring Chart is an easy way to gauge your Tripawd’s weight. Your pet’s weight check score will range from 1) Emaciated to 5) Obese. Veterinarians tell us that a healthy Tripawd is generally a 3.5. The BCS score determines the appropriate weight loss and exercise program for your Tripawd.

The Body Condition Scoring Chart for Dogs.

Tripawd lose weight
Canine Body Condition Score. Image:

The Body Condition Scoring Chart for Cats.

Tripawd lose weight
Canine Body Condition Score. Image:

Stick to the Pet Weight Loss Program.

Our pets don’t choose what they eat. We do! Stick to the diet your vet recommends to help your Tripawd lose weight. If you’re not thrilled about the brand they want you try, let them know. A good vet will happily recommend alternatives. If not, find another vet who is in alignment with your dietary attitudes. And be sure to ask others about weight loss pet foods in our Eating Healthy Forum topic.

Don’t Sneak Food.

Don’t cave in to sad puppy eyes and mournful meowing. Make sure that everyone in your household participates in the program. Explain to grandma how a Tripawd can be harmed by extra food. Always remember that food does not equal love, and treats don’t have to be calorie bombs. Find the low-cal treat your Tripawd goes crazy over. You might be surprised that your dog goes bananas over fruit, or your TriKitty loves working for treats.

Take your Tripawd to a certified rehabilitation therapist.

A certified rehabilitation therapist is the best expert to create a custom exercise program for your Tripawd. And don’t forget, the Tripawds Foundation may even help you get free rehab therapy! You’ll be surprised at the fun you can have when you help your Tripawd lose weight!

Exercises for Dogs can include:

  • Walking
  • Proprioception Training
  • Flexibility
  • Balance and Weight Shifting
  • Endurance Work
  • Land or Water Treadmill

Exercises for Cats (yes, cats!) are more play-oriented and can include:

  • Wand and feather toy games
  • Scratching post stretches
  • Proprioception Training
  • Flexibility
  • Balance and Weight Shifting
  • Water or Land Treadmill

Your rehab therapist will encourage you to start with small, achievable goals. It’s important you don’t push your pet too hard. An extra-fluffy Tripawd needs more time to build stamina and complete more exercise repetitions. In time, they’ll get there! If you move too quickly you could cause an injury that’s worse than the weight problem.


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Tripawd Weight Loss Examples

Remember that every cat and dog is different. Yours may take longer to drop the extra pounds, or do it faster. As long as you stick to the program and work with your vet, it will happen. For an added serving of inspawration, check out these awesome Tripawds who lost weight:

8 Months Hopping On

Tripawd weight loss
Purrkins is a great example of Tripawd cat weight loss!

Purrkins has lost 1.56 lbs. so far we are looking at having him lose 1 1/2 lb. more.

Meg Gets Meg-a-Skinny!

At the time of my op, I was 18.9 kilos (41.5 lbs), and at my latest weigh in, I’m 14.9 kilos (32.8 lbs)

Boomer Reaches His New Normal

Boomer went on a diet after amputation and lost over 13 pounds!

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4 thoughts on “Tips to Help Your Tripawd Lose Weight”

  1. Any chance you can give us tips on tripawds losing weight in a household of free feeding cats? I have SEVERAL other cats and have food out all the time. They also receive 1/4 cup of canned food twice a day. I have no trouble feeding her separately, but the other cats are not going to take kindly to me pulling up the dry food bowls until she slims down. That’s a recipe for household mutiny!

    • Hi Michael,
      Hooo boy that’s a tough one. Free feeding is an instant recipe for weight gain for any cat but I can see why you are reluctant to stop. My best suggestion is to talk to your vet to find the ideal weight for your Trikitty. I know that’s not much help! But, if you comment in our Tripawd Cats Discussion Forum, I know that our members will have much better feedback than I. Hope to see you there!


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