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Simple Cabbage Poultice Heals Wounds

Did you know that an ordinary cabbage has healing powers? A simple do-it-yourself-cabbage poultice has anti-inflammatory properties to reduce joint inflammation and can help drain infected wounds.

According to the Hartland Institute:

“Cabbage is abundant in vitamin C and glutamine, a crystalline amino acid that has anti-inflammatory properties. A simple cabbage poultice reduces inflammation in joints and increases local circulation, relieving lymphatic congestion. It also draws out infected matter and toxins from the body. Use a cabbage poultice for arthritis, chest infections, laryngitis, tonsillitis, mastitis, lymphatic blockages, tumors, gangrene, sciatica, and other nerve pains and skin infections.”

Dotty’s Cabbage Poultice

We first learned about the healing powers of cabbage from Tripawds Member Dotty. Her holistic-minded vet used it to help treat a stubborn infection and it worked:

“We clean the cabbage leaves, dry them and then crush them well with a rolling pin so they are floppy and be moulded to the body. Once applied directly to the inflamed or infected area you cover the cabbage with something warm, I have used warm washcloths or a clean towel and a heat pack.

The white towel that I’m lifting up has a gel heat pad wrapped in it and I have arranged this over the cabbage leaves that are on Dot’s wound site and butt to help relieve the pressure of infection. She is having a lovely rest on her back, a favourite sleeping position in happier days.” — Victoria, Dotty’s pawrent

Dot’s Cabbage Poultice

There are two ways to make a cabbage poultice:

Create a paste as explained by the Hartland Institute:

1. Wash cabbage leaf thoroughly and drain water.
2. Lay the cabbage leaf flat on the table, and then apply pressure with a rolling pin to soften the leaf.
3. Apply the leaf on the affected area, cover with plastic and then cloth, and then pin it in place.

Make a poultice as explained by

  • Finely chop green cabbage sufficient for the area to be treated
  • Place the cabbage in a blender with just enough water to make a thick paste
  • Spread the cabbage paste 1″ thick over a piece of cheesecloth, muslin or a clean tea towel. The size should be sufficient to cover the desired part of the body
  • Place the cloth, cabbage side onto the skin, over the area to be treated
  • Cover with a clean, dry cloth then wrap the whole area in a thick towel or wool flannel cloth
  • Leave the cabbage poultice in place for 15 to 60 minutes depending on the severity of the condition and the reactions of the person. It is intended that the treated area should get red and warm but no burning should be allowed to occur. If the person becomes uncomfortable then remove the poultice and wash the area with cool water
  • Have the person lie down and rest for the duration of the application
  • After removing the poultice wash the area with tepid water
  • The cabbage poultice can be repeated two or three times daily as needed, using fresh cabbage each time.

For more details about the healing properties of cabbage, visit the Hartland Institute and

Dotty rests with her cabbage poultice

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DISCLAIMER: The information contained here is intended as education/information only. It is not intended to replace your veterinarian. Please use your own good judgment and always discuss any DIY treatements for your pet with your veterinary team.

7 thoughts on “Simple Cabbage Poultice Heals Wounds”

  1. I remember so very well the challenges Dottie had. I also remember very well this “cabbage patch” remedy and how it got great results!

    Thanks for sharing the specifics and the links! I think may try it on my sore joints

  2. I have terrible arthritis in my knee (so my fancy ortheopedic doctor says-even though it does not run in my family) and a torn miniscus which he says looks like “a shredded lawn chair on the sinking Titanic”. I walked too much last Saturday and have suffered enormously the last few days. My Russian neighbour saw me limping the other day and asked “Yiicks-what happened”? She told me many times before about cabbage. I always said “what-eat it”? “No-wrap it up on your knee”. Well by golly I went to the store then and there and bought the biggest cabbage I could find-came home and ripped some leaves off and plastered some on the front of my knee and some on the back which was giving me the worst pain and wrapped it all up in a long scarf and went to bed. Holy smokes – I couldn’t believe it! Woke up with absolutely no pain!! Ran over to kiss my neighbour who told me start over with fresh cabbage and put your knee sleeve on over it and get to work. Honestly–cabbage has saved my life! Run to the store and get some. You could always take it off at work and have it for lunch, too!


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