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How to Help Coughing From Osteosarcoma Lung Mets

Anyone dealing with canine osteosarcoma dreads the cough that typically accompanies osteosarcoma lung metastasis. It doesn’t always happen with every dog who has bone cancer. But if it does occur, you have options to treat the symptoms. These canine cough home remedies are also good for treating kennel cough.

Homeopathic Remedies

Recommended by Dr. Marty Goldstein, “Cough” is one homeopathic remedy that helps alleviate dry coughing spells. According to Dogs Naturally, when it comes to homeopathic remedies whether for coughing or otherwise, “Use a 30c potency or whatever you have on hand.

Dosing isn’t important in this case, just give the remedy and wait to see it’s effect.” More information about homeopathic treatments for coughing can be found at Dogs Naturally.

Herbs including Licorice, Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm and Honey

Whether for humans or dogs natural herbs like Marshmallow Root, Licorice and Slippery Elm Bark contain soothing properties that can ease sore throats and lessen coughing fits. Even honey can help alleviate coughing in dogs.  According to Dogington Post:

“One tablespoon of honey twice a day should work for your dog and heal his kennel cough. Also, be sure to feed him raw honey, not ones with preservatives and artificial flavorings.”


According to Mercola’s Healthy Pets, Astragalus Root Extract is an herb used in Chinese medicine to enhance the immune system, support lung function and stimulate the regeneration of bronchial cells.

Dextromethorphan (Robitussin DM)

Spirit Jerry’s vet recommended the sugar-free version of Robitussin DM when he was dealing with the cough. It helped to an extent. If you try it just make sure there is no acetominophen or caffeine in it. According to

“Even though it has not been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for use in animals, veterinarians use it frequently for suppressing chronic bronchitis and dry, nonproductive cough. It is available without a prescription, but you are highly recommended to take your dog to the vet before administering this drug, in order to establish the right dosage and to find out about the possible interactions.:

Robitussin is available in several different concentrations, but the most common one is 2mg/ml. Since it is available both in liquid form and as tablets, there are a couple of ways to administer this drug.

The recommended dosage ranges between 0.5 and 1mg per pound, every 12 hours. For a precise dosage you need to take your dog to the veterinarian. The dosage varies according to the gravity of the symptoms and the overall response to medication. The dosage may need to be lowered if any side effects occur.

The duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms.

Read more: Using Dextromethorphan (Robitussin DM) to Treat Kennel Cough Symptoms


According to VetInfo:

Hydrocodone side effects can be quite serious and this is why this drug can only be obtained through prescription from a licensed veterinarian. Hydrocodone is an opiate which acts directly on the brain inhibiting the coughing reflex. Opiates (narcotics) have been used by medicine for effects different from the notorious euphoria they cause. Opiates can be used against diarrhea, as analgesics, for cardiovascular conditions or as cough suppressants. Hydrocodone has been mainly created to suppress cough. Its cough suppressing effect is strengthened by the addition of homatropine, a substance which will also cause side effects if the drug is being taken for a longer time

As with all medications whether holistic or otherwise, please talk to your vet before giving them to your dog or cat. Remember, this information is not meant to act as veterinary advice.

6 thoughts on “How to Help Coughing From Osteosarcoma Lung Mets”

  1. Thanks Jerry!

    My fiesty senior is dealing with the kind of “acking cough” that comes from ….now I’m not saying this right…..”old age” kind of closing up/shrinking of the trachea? Or esophagus maybe? My ver just attributed it to old age and, at the time didn’t recommend anything. I do think it’s increasng now though and would like to be more proactive if something is available.

    Anyway, I was going t search around here because it seems I recalled reading that a couh medicne worked in these cases as well as mets, etc.

    So very timely post. I’ll search around these links and see what can find for this.

    This site amazes me everyday in so many ways on so many levels!

    With never-ending gratitude,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. I’m so glad you found this useful. I know it’s a hard thing to talk about when it comes to lung mets but we just wanted to put the info out there for people who need it.

    Sally I hope one of these remedies helps Happy Hannah’s little bitty scratchy throat.

  3. Thanks Jerry….but just to clarify, my post is in reference to BODIE sixteen yr. old who IS itty bitty compared to big butt Happy Hannah!


  4. Natural Honey and a drop of real lemon for dogs with Lung Cancer seems to calm them down, and once they cough keeping them from getting excited also helps


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