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Is Home Cooking for Pets Worth The Effort?

Home cooking for dogs and cats might seem like a time and labor-intensive endeavor, but Barret’s Mom Heather can tell you that it’s really not.

And of the minimal amount of time she devotes to cook for her three, medium-sized dogs, she says:

“It may seem like a lot of work to make your own dog food, but honestly it takes me about an hour to cook a week’s worth of food for 3 medium sized dogs.

The work is mostly front loaded. Once you’ve done your research and put together a recipe, it becomes part of your routine.”

Since 2010 Heather has been Top Chef for her pack. She has written extensively about home cooking for her three dogs in That Pet Blog for That Fish Place, That Pet

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Her posts give an extensive overview of Dog Diets from understanding pet food labels to a description of what it’s like to home cook for three dogs.

If you’re thinking about home cooking for your dog (or cat), check out Heather’s posts before you begin:

Kitty Cuisine – Choosing the Best Cat Food for Your Pet

What foods offer the best nutrition for cats and how do you choose/supplement thier diet to ensure the best for your pet? Let’s begin with commercial foods.

Doggie Diet, Part 1 – Understanding Pet Food & Pet Food Labels

Commercial dog food was first developed in the mid 1800’s and the pet food industry has grown by leaps and bounds ever since. With all the varieties, brands, and marketing messages being tossed around, it is sometimes difficult to know if you are selecting the right food for your pet. Selecting a quality pet food is essential for the health of your dog, and a balanced diet and regular exercise are the foundations for a healthy, happy pet.

Doggie Diets Part 2 – Homemade Meals and Vitamin Supplements

Making homemade pet food is something I started just a few weeks ago. Before you plunge into making your own pet food, I strongly recommend that you do some research on the subject so that you know the nutritional requirements of your pets, as well as any additional supplements that you may need to provide.

Doggie Diets – How Homemade Pet Food is Worth the Effort

Every Saturday I spend an hour or two in the kitchen cooking brown rice, vegetables, chicken, and various giblets. I measure vitamin supplements with care.  Every week is the same: I cook, measure, mix, puree (for the cats), and generally stink up my house. I was beginning to wonder if it was all worth it. Sure, making homemade food is less expensive than buying a quality dog food that passed my rigorous inspection of the ingredients and nutritional content, but was it really worth all the effort?

Doggie Diets – How Homemade Dog Food Has Improved My Dogs’ Health

Has feeding homemade dog food improved the health of my dogs? If you want the short answer, it is a resounding YES! It has been 3 years since I decided to start making my own dog food… wow, time flies! I thought it was well past time to update everyone on how choosing a high quality dog food has helped my pets become healthier overall.

Do you have experience home cooking for your pack? If so, drop us a line and share your story!

Read more about Barret’s Tripawd journey on his blog.

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1 thought on “Is Home Cooking for Pets Worth The Effort?”

  1. Three Paws Up for homemade dog food!

    A tip I don’t think I’ve included in the blog: Use a large crockpot to make home cooking for your dog even easier! Toss in all your ingredients and a little extra water and cook on low for 8 hours. Let it cool, then then mix in your supplements and portion it out. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

    – Heather & Barret


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