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Pill Taking Treats, Strategies and Secret Recipes

Yesterday our Amazon Blog presented pill giving strategies like a pill gun. Today you’ll learn some member tricks for disguising the bitter taste of pills using a special trick and tasty kitchen surprises.

Gel Caps

Member Sue01 says: “If anyone has had the experience giving tramadol you know your dog will likely spit it out and in our case foamed at the mouth.  We tried every kind of trick and disguise.  I finally came up with a very simple solution.

Get a natural safe supplement that comes in a gel cap.  Simply twist the cap apart dump the powder contents out and put in the pills.. now that nasty taste is inside the gel cap which by the way will slide down their throats easily with cottage cheese.”

Sue has a great idea, but we recommend just buying empty gel caps like these.

Make Some Mush

Member Bordergirl4 came up with this fantastic homemade pill treat recipe:

The Good Lady’s  Mush

  • 1 bag dried dehydrated turkey or chicken-[found at pet store ]
  • half cup of pumpkin -NOT pumpkin pie mix
  • 1/3 cup sweet potato flour-I got mine at William-Sonoma but a whole food or health food store would also carry it
  • 1 T oil,  I used coconut oil so it didn’t bother her pancreas
  • organic beef broth

Put turkey in blender to make a flour. Place all ingredients in sauce pan EXCEPT beef broth. With burner on low, stir all together and add enough broth to make it mushy similar to playdough but not as smooth. Should hold together and be able to make little balls with it.

Refrigerate and keep covered. Pinch off what you need at pilling time.

This can be modified anyway your dog or cat’s diet needs it to be. This was easy on her kidneys and liver and helped her diarrhea. Sometimes I added FortiFlora to help her intestines get back the good stuff. I also think she liked the coolness of it on her throat. Avoid regular flour if  possible.

Other Ways to Disguise Pills:

  • Peanut Butter
  • Velveeta
  • Cream Cheese
  • Liver Sausage / Braunschwager

Finally, if you use any household foods from your pantry, member Maxidad has some good advice:

“sometimes helps to stick the meds in different things so the dog doesn’t associate pills with any one treat. Also, if you switch to a different treat, don’t put meds in it for a few days. Let her realize this treat isn’t loaded with something she doesn’t want so she won’t get suspicious of it beforehand.”

Do you have any good recipes for feeding your animals pills? If so, share them in the comments section below!

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