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Pros, Cons of Green Tea Extract as Dog Cancer Supplement

Green tea extract supplements are an inexpensive dietary supplement used by many people to help dogs fight cancer. EGCG, the active ingredient in green tea, may have anti-cancer properties that induce apoptosis, which is a process describing cell suicide; when the body’s old cells naturally die off and make way for healthy new cells. Apoptosis keeps our bodies strong and cancer-free.

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Green Tea Benefits in an Anti-Cancer Dog Diet

Another benefit of the green tea plant (camellia sinensis) is that it may “afford protection against chemically induced carcinogenesis in several different organ systems in animal models. In addition, green tea modulates and increases the efficacy of cancer chemotherapeutic drugs in some animal models,” according to a paper from the 2006 North American Veterinary Conference.

Although no scientific studies have been published that prove the efficacy of EGCG on dogs with cancer, many holistic practitioners recommend green tea extract based on strong anecdotal evidence that includes low cancer rates in countries where green tea is a well-consumed beverage.

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When to Avoid Green Tea Extract

Dr. Demian Dressler, author of the Dog Cancer Survival Guide, says that he used to recommend green tea extract, but now calls it a lower priority supplement.

“I have since seen what I believe was EGCG interacting with other supplements in toxic ways, which leads me to make it a lower-priority supplement, which in some cases should be avoided altogether.”

He says this because he has seen some dogs experience anemia when taking the anti-cancer supplement Quercetin together with EGCG. Dressler says he doesn’t have concrete evidence to support this theory, but his instinct says the two should be avoided. And since quercetin is in the immune booster Apocaps, dogs taking Apocaps to fight cancer should avoid green tea extract.

Finally, since many veterinary oncologists have told us that antioxidants like those found within green tea extract can interfere with certain chemotherapy drugs such as doxorubicin, you should talk to your oncologist about taking it if your dog is currently undergoing chemo treatments.

Consult with a Holistic Veterinary Practitioner

To learn if green tea extract is right for your dog’s anti-cancer diet and find the correct dosage (which some suspect is 500 mg EGCG preparation/kg for a Labrador-sized dog), first talk to a holistic veterinary practitioner. Even as an occasional supplement added to your dog’s diet, it may contribute to an overall effective nutritional plan that keeps cancer away.

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NOTE: We are not veterinarians. All information provided here is based only on our own experiences caring for Jerry and Wyatt, and the experiences of other Tripawds members who share their ideas with the community. Please consult your vet or do further research before implementing any new dietary regimen or supplements into your dog’s treatment plan.

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6 thoughts on “Pros, Cons of Green Tea Extract as Dog Cancer Supplement”

  1. There was a PubMed Study with dogs with green tea extract and 14 of the dogs died.

    The first dog died in 9 days.

    They stopped the study after the 14th dog died and many of the dogs were only getting 200 mg.

  2. It sounds a little odd that they didn’t stop the study until all of the participants had died. They had no choice because the participants were all deceased! Something smells a bit fishy with this comment, especially as no references have been provided🤔


    This is the study Db was referring to.

    I mostly skimmed trough it, but I am not pleased with the (lack of) conclusion in the study, as the minimum dose studied at 200mg/kg of body weight is still quite a high dosis, and many supplements provide a lower dosis than this.
    I would be very cautious and inform myself before making any decision on supplementing a dog with green tea extract because it would be important to find a good balance between minimum effective dosis and toxici dosis. As everything is toxic in high enough amounts, but certain substances may reach toxicity before a therapeutic amount is reached, which is a concern with garlic for example.


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