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Enter to Win Dr. Harvey’s Whole and Healthy Food Giveaway

Chickeyboom just asked about the healthiest foods for dogs with cancer, and we’re hoppy to let everypawdy know that in addition to these terrific grain-free foods reviewed by the Dog Food Advisor, we have another high quality food to bring to your attention: Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health.

Whole Foods and Home Cooking Made Easy

Long before pet pawrents became enlightened about the benefits of healthy foods for their pets, Dr. Harvey’s was quietly creating a small line of 100 percent human grade foods and supplements and all-natural grooming products for dogs, cats and even birds. These products have been among the best pet pawrents can buy for animals and now we’re hoppy to let you in on the secret too. Read on to learn how you can win a free sample bag!

No Chemicals, Preservatives, Dyes or Additives

What makes Dr. Harvey’s food so high quality is that Dr. Harvey’s provides the base ingredients for a healthy meal, and all you need to do is add the protein and oil.

These two things: protein and oil, are the main reason why so many commercially made dog foods are jam-packed with chemical preservatives; preserving meats and oils with reliable chemicals is necessary to keep the food from going rancid.

Dr. Harvey’s mix, on the other hand, does not use single preservative. This is one of the most outstanding aspects about the food.

Because you control the amount of protein that goes into each bowl of Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health, you’re ensuring your dog gets the perfect combination of foods for their health. Forget processed diets for conditions like diabetes and kidney problems; Dr. Harvey’s put you in control of the critical ingredients for controlling these conditions.

Here’s how Dr. Harvey’s makes it easy to give your dog a home cooked meal:

Dr. Harvey Cohen is not a veterinarian but he is a chiropractic physician who’s also renowned for his dedication to health and nutrition for humans and animals. Since the 1980s he has produced the highest quality, premium foods for animals at a time when others ridiculed his philosophy of feeding animals “human-grade” ingredients.

His company’s line of pre-mixed dog food contains foods that are so whole you might be feeding your dog better than you feed yourself.

Check out the ingredients in a bag of Canine Health:

rolled oats, organic barley flakes, organic tritcale flakes, organic spelt flakes, organic brown rice flakes, organic kamut flakes, sweet potatoes*, carrots*, zucchini*, pease**, green beans* beets*, bee pollen granules, nutritional yeast flakes, alfalfa leaf, rose hips, red clover blossoms*, oat straw*, flax seed meals*, papaya leaf*, rosemary Foenugreek*, basil leaf and fennel seed.

*dehydrated, ** freeze dried

We know we don’t eat this healthy every day. Do you?

You can find Dr. Harvey’s is available at finer pet food stores, including Only Natural Pet. And while you might be surprised at the price tag, you’ll be amazed at how pawesome your Tripawd will look after eating this food for a few days. Good health is priceless.

The Dr. Harvey’s Giveaway: How to Enter

Over the next few weeks we will be giving away samples of Dr. Harvey’s products here. We’ll choose a winner at random each time but whoever wins a sample must commit to providing a brief review.

Are you ready to switch to optimum canine health?

To get a free sample of Dr. Harvey’s Canine Health, enter to win in the comments section below no later than Tuesday, August 23. All you have to do is leave a comment: tell us who your Tripawd is, and what you think about the ingredients in Canine Health!

We’ll pick a winner at random and notify the lucky pawrent by email. Get writing!

7 Responses to “Enter to Win Dr. Harvey’s Whole and Healthy Food Giveaway”

  1. too funny, I was JUST looking at Dr. Harvey’s last week! Have you been able to find out what the carb content is?? I have tried both before in years past but now with a cancer dog, I’m really looking for low carbs 🙂

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  2. Ok, I just watched the video…hmmm, I seem to remember when I used it years ago, you had to cook it…glad it’s just soaking now!!! Cause I’m LAZY 🙂

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  3. Balus mom ellie August 16, 2011 at 10:36 pm

    Our beloved balu is a newly tripaw since june.
    The ingredients sound absolutly delisiouse. Maybe she won’t want to go after our left overs anymore 🙂

  4. ….the first 6 ingredients above are grain, then 5 of the next 6, high carb vegetables. I’m sure the quality is exceptional, perhaps just not biologically appropriate for dogs, especially those with cancer

  5. Hmm, interesting. Lots of folks are reporting great results with their dogs, but again, they’re all different.

  6. I’d like to get a sample to add to the homemade treats I make for Hope–just a spoonful or two per batch.

  7. Im always looking for more natural products for my dog.

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