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MaxiMutt’s Healthy Homemade Cancer Dog Diet

MaxiMutt was a courageous canine cancer hero who survived 14 months after his amputation due to osteosarcoma.  Max’s people attribute his longevity in part to his healthy homemade diet, which they were kind enough to share with us here.

Max’s diet was based on recipes found in Laurie Kaplan’s book, Help Your Dog Fight Cancer. Here is what his peeps had to say …

The first time I made this, Max practically knocked the big Tupperware container off the counter. I had already portioned out almost everything into bags, but there were a couple bites left. I held the Tupperware for him and he inhaled what was left. I had to pull it away from him so we could give Linda a small bite! When the boy found something he liked, he really went for it!

This was only a quarter of his diet.

We were trying to get weight on him, so in addition to this diet plan, he still got his healthy kibble (Orijen), wet food, and freeze-dried raw food.

His food bowl looked like absolute slop by the time I mixed all these portions in, but it was clean as a whistle just a couple minutes later!

MaxiMutt’s Homemade Cancer Dog Diet

Beef or Chicken: Cook, then pulverize in a food processor and set aside.(We always grilled the meat because that was quicker for us.)


We generally used

  • kale
  • broccoli
  • tomatoes
  • carrots (but a small amount of carrots because they have a lot of sugar)

Chop, steam, then pulverize in food processor and set aside in a bowl separate from the meat.


Eggs: Add a few raw egg yolks (no shell or whites) into the vegetable mixture.

Tofu: add tofu to the vegetable/egg mixture.(We just cut the tofu into squares and dropped it in.)

Combine All:

Add the meat to the vegetable/egg bowl and mix it up. We added olive oil or salmon oil to the mixture (whatever we hand on hand), generally just a few drizzles up and down the length of the container.

Once it was thoroughly mixed, we portioned it out into quart-size Ziploc bags and into the freezer it went.

Helpful Hints:

  • We used a large rectangle Tupperware container, made mixing everything together a little easier.
  • This recipe can also be made with all raw ingredients; we chose to cook/steam ours because Max wasn’t used to a lot of raw food.
  • The egg whites and crumbled up egg shells can also be added, but they have to be cooked first.

Many thanks to John and Diane for sharing this great info! If you have healthy dog diet and supplement information you’d like to share with the Tripawds community, please send us the details.

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  1. Just briefly, came here via Charles Loops Web, to quickly comment that renowned Juliet De Barclay Levy says dogs don’t digest soy, and also, eggs produce dampness in the body which is a cancer problem, so light use seems best– dont know much myself but wanted to pass this info on for your furthur study, Lil, Ps what is not digested is stored as fat, I believe, ie cysts and tumours


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