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2 Years and More: Eisen Fights Bone Cancer with Homeopathy

As part of our ongoing discussion about the amazing Dr. Charles Loops, we bring you the story of our friend, Eisen,

Back in September 2007, we heard from Eisen, a Shepherd boy in Colorado who was just diagnosed with bone cancer. He’s a big kid, and like all of us who are battling cancer, was given just a short time to live.

But his Mom, Stacy, wouldn’t let fear get the best of her. She moved into action, and consulted with Dr. Loops over the phone, to get Eisen on the best cancer-fighting supplements pawsible. Today, Eisen is now eleven years old, and a 28-month cancer survivor!

Fighting Canine Bone Cancer with Homeopathy

Here’s more about the supplements that Dr. Loops recommended for Eisen.

Stacy told us, “Eisen was put onto a whole regimen which I have altered over time, mainly due to financial constraints and took out some of the extra “recommended” supplements.

His main medicines are morning and evening dosings of Sulphur, Hekla Lava and Carcinosin-plus 200C solutions (mixed with 2 TBL distilled water), which alternate days with the Carcinosin being every 5th day. He also gets Cell Salts twice a day as part of the routine. For example:

Mon (am & pm)

  • Cell Salts – wait 15 minutes
  • Sulphur solution – wait 15 minutes
  • Feed Meal

Tues-(am & pm)

  • Cell Salts – wait 15 minutes
  • Hekla Lava solution-wait 15 minutes
  • Feed Meal

Wed -(am & pm)

  • Cell Salts – wait 15 minutes
  • Sulphur solution- wait 15 minutes
  • Feed Meal

Thurs- (am & pm)

  • Cell Salts – wait 15 minutes
  • Hekla Lava solution-wait 15 minutes
  • Feed Meal

Fri- (am & pm)

  • Cell Salts – wait 15 minutes
  • Carcinosin solution-wait 15 minutes
  • Feed Meal

Each potency gets increased about every 2-3 months, whenever each bottle is completed.”

What Does Eisen Eat?

Stacy also said that Dr. Loops recommend different diets. He discussed with her how to mix raw foods with recommended root & leaf vegetables, while using commercial kibble such as Innova Evo. He also discussed more cancer-fighting supplements Eisen could take, such as EFA/DHA fish oil, Transfer Factor, Maxx GL, Astragulus and more.

She added, “I have taken Eisen off the Maxx GL and the Transfer Factor since they were so expensive on a monthly basis. Eisen’s current feeding routine, twice daily, is:

  • Feed high quality kibble such as Blue Buffalo Wilderness Formula
  • Add Astragulus,
    Cetyl-M Joint Support
    for his arthritis
  • Add different combos of dried parsley/spinach/alfalfa, sometimes a little dried kelp, and fish or flax oil,
  • Mix in peas & carrots or other veggie, some raw meat – chicken livers, gizzards & hearts, beef liver, mackrel,or ground beef.” Stacy went on to explain that she doesn’t give him raw bones, because of a choking incident he had once that scared her away from a raw bone diet.
  • Whatever mixture I come up with for that meal, I always as water to it.

We are so hoppy to know that Eisen is loving life. We’ll never forget our June, 2008 play date with him. He is one lucky Tripawd to have such a great Mom caring for him. We hope that perhaps Dr. Loops’ recommendations will benefit even more Tripawds out there, so why not give ’em a try?

6 thoughts on “2 Years and More: Eisen Fights Bone Cancer with Homeopathy”

  1. So cool Eisen! Fellow Dr. Loops patient! Interesting reading Eisen’s protocol with Dr. Loops…not the same at all…of course Maggie has a different cancer. Thanks for sharing Eisen’s story. Very interesting and so nice to see homeopathy working so well for an osteosarcoma dog!

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  2. Please note that there has been a recall of the Cetyl-M Joint Action Formula for dogs, due to a risk of salmonella contamination. If you are using this product please call the manufacturer to confirm that your bottle is or isn’t part of this recall.

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