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Meet Charles Loops, DVM, Holistic Dog Cancer Vet

If your Tripawd has cancer and you are investigating holistic treatment options, one name you should know is Charles Loops, DVM. Dr. Loops is one of the most well-known and respected canine cancer specialists in the world, known for his successful homeopathic and natural medicine treatments.

Based in North Carolina, Dr. Loops makes himself available for phone consultations to clients around the world. His website has comprehensive information about supplements and medicines that can be beneficial in canine cancer treatment.

Stay tuned to read about how Dr. Loops’ has helped our friend Eisen, an 11 year-old German Shepherd fight osteosarcoma for over two years!

25 Responses to “Meet Charles Loops, DVM, Holistic Dog Cancer Vet”

  1. This is Maggie’s Homeopathic Vet too!!!!! COOL!!!!
    He also came to Maine many years ago before I actually started using him for my dogs and I went to a weekend seminar by him…it was PAWESOME!!! 🙂

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  2. YES! Dr.Loops is the best! He’s the Dr. that has helped my dog Dilly live into her teens with Mast Cell grade II. Also the Dr. that has cured ( yes cured!) my friends dog Addie of Osteosarcoma!!!!! find that in the conventional books! 😉
    (PS–yes, it really was Osteosarc, we have the biopsy report!)

    Hope some of you find him helpful!

  3. PS–Addie was 1 year at time of diagnosis. She celebrates her 13th birthday this year!! WOO HOO ADDIE!

  4. Most awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  5. OMV! I wish there was someone like Dr. Loops where I live. I still wouldn’t like to go to see the V-E-T, but I would because it would be pawesome to live a long time. I will read his advice and my mom can buy the stuff. Opie

  6. Hey Opie, what’s “OMV”?

    Dr. Loops does phone consults if your Mom is so inclined. Yeah, those southern pups are lucky to have him down there.

  7. Dr. Loops is in North Carolina! I’m in Maine! I do phone consults 🙂 In fact, he’ll tell you that 95% of his business is over the phone. Yes – I know seems odd if you’re used to taking your dog to the V-E-T, Opie 😉

    A quote from his website:

    “I have treated thousands of cases using the principles of classical homeopathy and I continue to find this system of gentle healing to be the most effective therapy that has ever existed.

    Sixty percent of my new cases have cancer and most of these several hundred companions each year survive longer and have a better quality of life than cancer patients treated with Western medicine or other modalities. The homeopathic approach is both very cost effective for guardians and gentle and natural for their companions.

    Having practiced 30 years as a veterinarian, 10 with Western medicine and 20 with homeopathy, there is no doubt about which is the more effective system and which has the most curative approach to disease. The side-effects of homeopathic treatment are better health and a heightened sense of well-being, a statement that cannot be made in support of Western medicine.”

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  8. BwaaahahahahahahSnort. OMV = Oh My Vet.

    And thanks for telling me about the phone consults Angel Jerry and Tracy, Maggie’s Mom.

    I would really like it if I didn’t have to go to the V-E-T again.

    I’ll tell my Mom to read it closely when we leave work and get home. Ooops. Here she comes. I’m not supposed to be on the work computer. SSSSsssshshhhhhhhhh. don’t tell.

  9. Hi can anyone help? My three yr old labbie cross kelpie (aussie dog) male, has a lump on his breastbone which in 5 months has trpled in size.It doesn’t hurt to push on it, although considering it’s rapid growth I’m guessing it has it’s own blood supply. (BAD) He seems happy enough, sometimes its red and nasty looking, mabye hes licking it or scrathing, though I can’t say I have seen him doing any of that. He’s got the best personality, and after losing my blue cattle girl of fourteen years to a tomour, which V-E-T-s couldn’t help, I have lost faith in the so called proper vetrenarians. Any thoughts are helpful Thanks, Lea, Australia.

  10. Please try to not let previous bad veterinary experiences keep you from getting a professional opinion. Dogs are incredibly adept at hiding their pain, they are not about to show their weakness, usually not until its too late.

    Dr. Loops does do phone consultations, but you really might consider finding a naturapathic or holistic vet near you to take a look at your pup. Thanks for asking and best wishes.

  11. My dog just went through an amputation. She had a nasty tumor on one of her rear legs that they are 95% sure is osteosarcoma. We are awaiting the results of the bipsy. There is no spread of the tumor as far as they can see. They are not sure on a cellular level. We want to get her on a holistic anti-cancer diet but not sure how to proceed since she has protein allergies and is on a special dog food with rice and egg, with the egg being a hydrolized protein. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks!
    We are going to do chemo if it is osteosarcoma. She is one week and a day post operation. She is seven years old and otherwise healthy as a horse and fit. Thanks!

  12. Thanks for commenting, and best wishes for your pup. Post in the discussion forums for lots more help and advice from others.

    Micromets are indeed usually present at the time of diagnosis, but a healthy diet is the best place to start to maximize quality of life and longevity. (Jerry lived 2 years after his amputation from osteosarcoma.) Check out Dr. Dressler’s cancer care e-book for plenty of nutritional advice and holistic treatment options. He also has a free cancer dog diet e-book that you should find helpful.

  13. I’m treating my 10-year-old mastiff for a hemangiosarcoma that formed on top of an elbow hygroma. It also is in his lungs. My problem is, the tumor is the size of a football and is oozing blood. Otherwise he has no symptoms, feels good, eats well and is happy. Do you know anyway to treat the skin of the tumor? I’m using slippery bark poultices, but to no apparent effect.

  14. Sharon I’m sorry about your pup. We are not vets so please know that we are not offering any medical advice. I have heard of some people using neoplasene on these tumors but when doing so it has to be done under strict veterinary supervision. I have not personally experienced using it or know anyone who has. I recommend finding a good holistic vet who knows more about this topic. Good luck.

  15. Hello ! Sorry for my English,but I have to do this to help others.Doctor Loops Like a God for me for saving my cat Alisa .I tried 6 vets in my area and she was getting worse every day,I was crying everyday that I am losing her and I didn’t believe,how someone can help us by the phone and then like last hope i called Doctor Loops and here we are absolutely colitis free . THANK YOU VERY MUCH DR. LOOPS AND LOVELY LADY SAGE(she answer the phone)Good bless you both !!!

  16. I have a 12 year old Aussie who has high grade lymphoma. Chemo is not working. What can we do?

  17. I’m sorry to hear that Lori. Since we are not vets we suggest contacting Dr. Loops directly for expert help.

  18. 18 years ago I was referred to Dr. Loops for alternative cancer treatment. I recommend him highly! My dog’s quality of life was enormously improved and although he was not cured (earlier treatment would have made a difference), he lived one year after the local vet gave him one month. When I did have to put him down (the tumor was pressing on spinal cord and walking sometimes painful) was he looked so good he could have been in the dog show… weight loss or hair loss, his coat never looked better….and 90% of the time he was happy. Also, the info sent after the consultation was headlined with two pieces of information that have completely altered my life as well as that of my companion animals. Dr.Loops has saved my life and sent me on the path of non-toxic living! I am now appalled at what is being done in conventional science, technology and medicine. Thank you Dr. Loops!

  19. Thank you for the great testimonial Diane. We couldn’t agree more, Dr. Loops is a rock star and so much further ahead of conventional medicine. Should we ever deal with canine cancer again in our current dog, he’s our go-to-guy.


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