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Building muscle strength in three legged dogs

In this topic imap1rate started in search of advice for helping Lucky balance on three legs, maggie suggested using K-9 Super Fuel by Animal Naturals.

…thinking it might help her muscling…Super K9Fuel by Animal Naturals…it always packed on the muscles for her…

K9 PowerK-9 Power Super Fuel

Provides the following powerful benefits:

  • Increase strength, muscle, power & speed
  • Extend endurance
  • Speed recovery
  • Better oxygen delivery
  • Stress fighters
  • Build muscle, burn fat
  • Estrogen blockers
  • Raise health & immunity
  • Post surgery, chemo, & trauma
  • Trans fat, sucrose, corn syrup free!
  • Dogs needing to muscle up

At first glance, the ingredients in K9 Power Super Fuel seem perfectly healthy even for cancer dog diets. It appears to have no grains or sugar and only Resistant Starch (low glycemic, slow releasing complex carbohydrate). It even provides a good source of glucosamine. Though I would recommend seeking veterinary advice for anyone caring for dogs recovering from amputation due to cancer.

Please leave a comment if you have experience using this or other supplements to help build muscle tone in your dog. And submit your favorite supplements or diet plan anytime so we can share your recommendations with everyone here in the Tripawds Nutrition blog!

3 thoughts on “Building muscle strength in three legged dogs”

  1. Hey there – I love Animal Natural products…they are very popular in the agility world FWIW.
    Also – if you do try this, watch your dog’s weight…you may have to decrease their food as this is high in fat/protein.
    I have used it both as a daily supplement and also as a ‘power drink’ during/after exercise.(see directions).

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom
    PS I buy it here:

    Cheap prices and free shipping in larger sizes and FAST great service 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      Please keep in mind that any purchases made through Tripawds blogs – like the links in the original post above – help support our continuing efforts to keep this community online. I just found K9 Super Fuel online for the same price at too, but they do not have the detailed information Entirely Pets provides. Just updated the blog post with more links.


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