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Primal Pet Food Review and Giveaway

Most of us are here because our Tripawd was diagnosed with cancer. That dreaded condition really makes us think about what goes into our pet’s food bowl. We constantly wonder: “Did that cheap pet food cause the cancer?” “What can we feed to keep it from coming back?”


They depend on us for healthy food.

It’s simple: dog or cat, human or otherwise, we are what we eat. The food we scoop into our pet’s bowl affects their skin, coat, eyes, brain and more. We enjoy hunting down the best foods we can feed our cats and dogs so today we’re shining the spotlight on Primal Pet Foods, one of the first and most respected U.S. pet food producers to create a highly nutritious, commercially available raw food diet for cats and dogs.

Get ready for the hunt! You’re going to love what you find.

Wyatt goes Wild for Primal

Going on the hunt for nature’s healthy food.

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This post is sponsored by Primal Pet Foods. We are being compensated for spreading the word about their product, but Tripawds only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Primal is not responsible for the content of this article.

Going Wild Over Primal Raw Pet Foods

Raw food for cats and dogs isn’t a new craze – it goes back thousands of years. Also known as “BARF (Bones and Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food),” it’s the only real “pet food” to come out of Mother Nature’s pantry.

Primal Pet Foods Review, Tripawd, raw, meaty, bones, BARF, elk, leg,

Yes, he devoured this raw elk bone.

The BARF (raw) diet is based on feeding raw meaty bones, muscle meat, organs and raw, fresh fruits and vegetables to our pets. Why do it? Because in the wild animals subsist on the flesh, bones and innards of their prey. By feeding these uncooked ingredients to our pets, we can mimic the eating habits of animals in their natural habitat.

The problem is that feeding a raw pet food diet on your own is tricky. Most online recipes for raw food for dogs and cats are inadequate. Not this one.

Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets Dog Food

Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets Dog Food Review

Primal Pet Foods is the easiest and safest way to feed a nutritionally balanced raw food diet for cats and dogs.

Primal gives your dog or cat optimum nutrition through raw ingredients packed with active enzymes, unprocessed amino acids and necessary vitamins and minerals that are so important for a natural, long, happy and healthy life.

Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets Dog Food

These freeze-dried nuggets turn into a meal!

  • Fresh, human-grade, antibiotic-free and steroid-free meats, poultry and game from U.S. and New Zealand ranchers utilizing natural, sustanable agricultural methods.
  • Certified organic produce, minerals and unrefined vitamins in every bag
  • Nothing sourced from China. Ever.

Primal has an entire line of complete and balanced, frozen and freeze-dried raw-food, like the Pork Formula we gave Wyatt. There’s currently over 13 types of protein sources to choose from, making it easy to rotate foods into your pet’s feeding routine.

Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets Dog Food

Raw food, like nature made it.

Primal also has “Mixes and Grinds” to supplement DIY raw meals, Raw Meaty and Rreational Bones for better oral health and a whole line of Primal treats too.

When Wyatt heard we had Primal, he went on the hunt to find it!

Wyatt goes Wild for Primal

Wyatt goes Wild for Primal

Feed Raw with Peace of Mind

We always wanted to put our Wild Boy Wyatt on a raw food diet but stocking our tiny apartment-sized RV freezer and refrigerator with raw meats just didn’t. Now that we’ve had the chance to do this Primal Pet Foods review, we’ve got no excuse not to get the Wild One on the most complete raw food diet for cats and dogs available.

Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets Dog Food

He found his prey!

Here’s how our hunt went down:

  • It pays to watch Primal’s education videos about preparing their freeze-dried or frozen foods. Silly us, we just dumped the freeze-dried nuggets into a bowl without breaking them up, which is necessary to add moisture to the food.
  • We also learned that heating it up is a no-no because heat kills the beneficial enzymes and nutrients in those little raw nuggets. Check out Primal’s tips for preparing raw pet food.
  • Primal’s Feeding Calculator is a handy tool for understanding the different ways to make the switch to a BARF diet.
Primal Freeze Dried Nuggets Dog Food

Wyatt loves Primal raw food for dogs.

Say “raw diet” to most conventional veterinarians and they panic: “There’s too much bacteria!” “Your dog will choke on the bones!” Fear not: learn why so many holistic-minded vets agree that raw feeding is beneficial for dogs and cats. Still unsure? Learn why Primal raw food for cats and dogs is super safe, even for pets with cancer.

Here’s how to find Primal Pet Foods at a pet supply store near you.

Win a Bag of Primal Freeze Dried Pork Formula

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Learn Why Primal is the Best Way to Go Raw


41 Responses to “Primal Pet Food Review and Giveaway”

  1. Liam and Sinead love Primal! We haven’t yet tried the pork flavor, but we’ve moved through almost every other formulation the company offers. Good stuff.

    So what brings out the primal instinct in these wee guys? Toys! Particularly small toys that squeak.

  2. Jean isn’t is fantastic stuff? We fed it to Wyatt with no problems at all, so nice to know he can tolerate it, I wasn’t too sure.

    Small squeaky toys are the BEST! I’ll bet they have tons right?

  3. Always love seeing handsome Wyatt. Knowing he tries out things first and we can count on an honest review from him is reason enough to try a product!

    Hmmm…ao far can’t say Ive seen a “primal instinct” show up in a “noticeable” way with Merry Myrtle. She sits quietly by my side as we watch the bunnies and deer and never so much as barks.

    Oh, but wait, maybe this counts! She’ll eat deer poop and bunny poop all day long if I let her!

  4. Any kind of meat brings out the instinct in my dog. That’s why i always find food that meat is #1

  5. You’re a great pawrent Alicia! Thanks for entering the giveaway.

  6. Now THAT is primal, Sally!

  7. Meat brings it out in my dogs!

  8. Birds bring out the primal in my dog.

  9. the rabbits that come to our yard all the time bring out the primal in our dogs!

  10. Going hunting brings out the primal in my girl.

  11. Seeing birds brings it out

  12. Going to beach and rolling in seaweed.

  13. When he smells the meat cooking

  14. When he smells the meat cooking
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  15. The opossums in the back yard. It’s horrible.

  16. Raw meat and small animals brings it out!

  17. Birds flying into the yard or roasted chicken.

  18. Cats bring out the primal instinct in my dog

  19. Hmmm….kitties…chasing kittens…but never catching them 🙂

  20. Meat brings my dog running

  21. The mailman brings out the primal instinct in my dog! LOL.

  22. My dog Mike is a senior; so really his primal moments are not long in duration because he gets tired. Basically, if he thinks anything is threatening Mommy (me) he dances around on his little legs and barks his head off – very briefly. Then he takes a nap.

  23. Mike can get a bit primal on a frozen salmon skin (just sayin’)

  24. The UPS man brings out the big dog in Mike (he is a chihuahua & corgi mix); it’s pretty primal actually – it’s like he thinks he’s a wolf.

  25. Rabbits bring out his primal instinct

  26. Lady Girl goes primal at the sight of any living creature. She goes wiggle waggle happy at any living human, except my hubby. She is jealous of him, BOL!!!

  27. These have got to be the FUNNIEST giveaway responses ever! You guys are cracking us up! Keep ’em coming!

  28. meat brings out the primal instinct in my dog

  29. Mike can get pretty primal on a lamb’s ear.

  30. Right now Mike is going primal on a Minty tooth cleaning dog chew.

  31. seeing birds brings out the primal instinct

  32. Being offered treats makes him go primal!

  33. Mike gets fairly primal when he sees cats outside of the screen door. he goes nuts. Oddly when he gets up close to them he just sniffs them.

  34. Seriously Mike’s most primal instinct seems to be his ‘bark and make myself appear to be a bigger dog to protect mommy’ instinct which shows itself in the presence of strangers. Cute when you consider that he is 10 years old and only met me this past January when he was adopted, but he never had a mommy before so we understand.

  35. One of Mike’s primal instincts is to get between me and anything that he thinks is a threat, whether I want him to or not.

  36. Any kind of meat or dog foods makes him primal!

  37. Meat brings out the primal instinct in my dog

  38. Mike’s other primal instinct is to be directly under my feet at all times; what purpose this served his ancestors in the wild we do not know.

  39. Cats and birds make my dog go primal

  40. A visit from the UPS man today brought out the basic instincts of Mike one more time.

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